Young Cousins Charged with Tragic Murder While Moms Gambled

While their mothers were away at a casino gambling, two cousins from Louisiana, ages ten and twelve, are accused of killing a three-year-old child by beating her to death.

Terica Scott and Dineshia Yates, both 26, have been arrested for leaving eight children, aged 11 months to 12 years old, unsupervised at home in Baton Rouge, as reported by WAFB. 

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on February 12 regarding an unconscious child at the residence of human Yates and her close friend Scott on O’Neal Lane. 

The victim, identified as Blessing Buckles, daughter of Yates, had endured a brain bleed and severe bruising, allegedly inflicted by two juvenile suspects, Scott’s 10-year-old son, and Yates’ 12-year-old nephew.

Deputies arrived at the scene after a child made a 3:45 pm call, only to find no adults present. Scott and Yates arrived shortly afterward, admitting that all eight children had been left home alone for an extended period while the duo indulged in a gambling excursion at a local casino.

Disturbingly, Scott acknowledged her nephew’s history of violent behavior towards other children. Meanwhile, Yates, in a shocking revelation from arrest records, stated that she had noticed bruises on at least one of her daughters after being left alone with the boy but chose to “ignore her children’s pleas for help.”

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Charges Filed in Child’s Death

While their mothers were away at a casino gambling, two cousins from Louisiana, ages ten and twelve, are accused of killing a three-year-old child by beating her to death.

Both Scott and Yates now face charges of principal to simple battery and principal to second-degree murder concerning Blessing’s tragic demise. The two juvenile suspects have been arrested and charged with battery and second-degree murder.

Despite the attempts of emergency medical technicians to resuscitate Blessing at the scene, she succumbed to her injuries on February 14. The initial examination revealed a brain bleed and extensive bruising, indicating blunt force trauma as the likely cause.

Compounding the tragedy, it was disclosed that Scott and Yates habitually left all eight juveniles unattended for gambling outings. The two women, not related but close friends, admitted to this practice during police questioning.

Scott and Yates both have criminal backgrounds, which adds to the urgency of the situation. Yates has a history of previous charges, such as stealing clothes and belongings in 2017, and vandalizing a vehicle in 2020. Due to his violent past, Scott was charged with murder in 2021 and arson in 2023. In the latter case, he attempted to avoid discovery by manipulating security footage..

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux conveyed his condolences, mentioning, “A situation like this is truly heartbreaking.” My heart aches for this young one who left us too early, and I send my prayers to everyone affected. 

If you ever become aware of abuse, neglect, or desertion of children, please contact police immediately. The community is currently dealing with the fallout and is recommending reporting and increased awareness of child danger.

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