Woman Accuses New York City Mayor Eric Adams of Sexual Assault in 1993 Incident

A woman has come forward with an accusation of sexual assault against New York Mayor Eric Adams, a charge dating back to 1993. 

The allegation was formally made in a summons filed under the recently enacted New York’s Adult Survivors Act. 

The summons names Adams, the New York Police Department (NYPD), and two unidentified entities as defendants.

According to the legal document, the plaintiff asserts Adams sexually assaulted her while both were employees of the City of New York. Adams, at the time of the alleged incident, was serving as a police captain. 

The summons details accusations of “intentional and negligent acts and omissions,” attributing to the plaintiff physical, psychological, and other injuries purportedly resulting from actions that would qualify as sexual offenses.

Responding to the allegation, a spokesperson from City Hall stated that Mayor Adams does not recognize the accuser and has no recollection of any such meeting or interaction. 

They further emphasized that Adams vehemently denies the claim, asserting that he would not engage in behavior that would physically harm another individual. 

Mayor Adams addressed the allegations directly, categorically denying them as “absolutely not true.” He stated, “This is something that has never happened. I don’t even recall meeting the person,” reaffirming his commitment to his mayoral duties and integrity.

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Mayor Adams Case in Limbo as NYPD Lacks Accuser’s Records

A woman has come forward with an accusation of sexual assault against New York Mayor Eric Adams, a charge dating back to 1993.

A source reported to ABC News that the NYPD holds no records of the accuser’s employment with the department. 

This revelation could impact the credibility of the claims, given the assertion in the summons that both parties were working for the city at the time of the alleged incident.

The case is particularly significant as it leverages the Adult Survivors Act, enacted in 2022. This legislation eliminates the statute of limitations for sexual abuse accusers to file lawsuits, granting survivors of sexual offenses an extended window to seek legal recourse. 

The Act is set to expire at midnight, making the timing of the summons filing crucial. The plaintiff in this case is seeking damages of at least $5 million.

This accusation against Mayor Adams arrives amid a broader social and legal reckoning with issues of sexual misconduct and accountability, especially involving public figures. 

It raises questions about historical allegations and the challenges in adjudicating claims from decades past. 

As the case unfolds, it will be closely watched for its implications on Mayor Adams’ tenure and reputation, as well as its potential impact on the broader discourse surrounding sexual assault allegations and survivors’ rights.

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