Why Won’t Your Cough Go Away? Unraveling the Reasons Behind Persistent Symptoms

During the winter season, it is common for people to experience a persistent cough, as it appears that many individuals in your vicinity are experiencing the same symptom. 

If you’re the one experiencing hacking, you may find relief in trying one of these natural cough remedies. 

Coughs can be quite bothersome, and at times, they can indicate a more significant health concern. Discover the underlying causes of your cough and learn when it may be a cause for concern.

According to a recent article from the Canadian Medical Association, it has been found that a significant number of adults may continue to experience a persistent cough for up to eight weeks following a respiratory infection.  

It’s important to note that being infected or contagious is not necessarily the case here. However, the respiratory infection can lead to an inflammatory response in your body, resulting in excessive mucus production or hypersensitivity in your airways.

Both of these factors can result in a persistent cough that lingers. Typically, this condition tends to resolve itself naturally, without the need for medication. Chronic coughing can be attributed to three main factors.

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Causes and Options for Relief

During the winter season, it is common for people to experience a persistent cough, as it appears that many individuals in your vicinity are experiencing the same symptom.

When a cough lingers for 8 weeks or more, or keeps returning after disappearing, it is considered a chronic cough.Chronic coughs often prompt patients to seek medical attention from their primary care doctor. According to Dr. Rho, the majority of chronic coughs can be attributed to three main factors.

Asthma, specifically cough-variant asthma, is a condition that affects the airways.

Postnasal drip, also known as upper airway cough syndrome, is a common condition. GERD/acid reflux. 

It is possible that you are experiencing postnasal drip.

What It Is: This condition is commonly referred to as upper airway cough syndrome. “The sensation is akin to a liquid trickling from your nose into your throat, persistently irritating your epiglottis and vocal cords, resulting in a cough,” explains Dr. Rho.It appears to be a more wet cough, possibly due to increased mucus production in your body.

According to Dr. Rho, the causes of this condition can vary, ranging from viral infections and bacterial sinusitis to different types of allergies, such as hay fever. 

These allergies can lead to symptoms like watery and itchy eyes, as well as a runny nose. Here are the main reasons why you might be experiencing frequent sneezing.

Options: Several treatment options are available for postnasal drip. There are several treatments available, such as nasal irrigation, saline rinses, or using a Neti pot. 

There is a wide range of over-the-counter nasal sprays and antihistamines available, such as Benadryl, Zyrtec, or Allegra. According to Dr. Rho, another option to consider is using a nasal steroid such as Flonase.

It is possible that your medication is the culprit

It’s possible that certain medications, including commonly prescribed ones for high blood pressure, may be the cause of your cough. According to Dr. Taliercio, certain medications known as ACE inhibitors can sometimes cause a dry cough that resembles asthma.

This particular side effect is observed in approximately 10 percent of individuals who are prescribed ACE inhibitors. “The medication’s mechanism involves blocking specific receptors,” explains Dr. Taliercio.

According to Dr. Taliercio, once the medication is discontinued, the cough should subside. Discover these unusual side effects that can be caused by commonly prescribed medications.

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