Unlocking Financial Updates: A Guide on How to Check Your Tax Refund Status

IRS phone lines may experience high call volumes during the spring season, and there is ongoing work to update the agency.

When anticipating your tax refund, whether through direct deposit or a paper check, avoid submitting another tax return or contacting the IRS, as advised on the agency’s website. Alternatively, utilize one of the two tools provided on the IRS website or its mobile app to track the progress of your return.

Find out when you can expect to receive your tax return

IRS2Go serves as the official mobile app of the IRS, allowing users to check their refund status, make payments, locate free tax preparation help, receive useful tax advice, and access additional features. You can access the app in both Spanish and English, and it’s ready for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon.

Another option is to utilize the “Where’s My Refund” tool on the IRS website. Make sure to have your social security number or ITIN, filing status, and the specific refund amount ready to check your refund status.

Make sure to check the IRS tool for your refund status daily, as it is updated regularly, typically overnight.

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Contact IRS for E-Filed Returns Beyond 21 Days

IRS phone lines may experience high call volumes during the spring season, and there is ongoing work to update the agency.

For those who e-filed their federal tax return over 21 days ago, contacting the agency directly is recommended.

For those who have yet to file their taxes for the 2023 tax year, it may be beneficial to opt for a tax preparation software that provides professional tax guidance. Consulting a tax-preparation specialist can assist in ensuring the accuracy of your return, potentially expediting the process.

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