Unclaimed $10.4 Million Lotto Prize Raises Urgent Warning – Check Your Tickets, Purchased at Shell Gas Station

Illinois residents who purchased lottery tickets may have a pleasant surprise awaiting them.

A fortunate individual recently won an astonishing $10.4 million jackpot from a gas station, but has not yet come forward to claim their prize.

A ticket drawn on February 2 is poised to transform someone’s life as it approaches its expiration exactly a year after the drawing date. The anticipation builds around the lucky digits associated with this lottery draw, comprising numbers 12, 23, 36, 39, 41, 48, and 5.

While the grand jackpot winner remains the focal point, there are four fortunate individuals who secured a $2,990.5 prize by matching five out of the seven numbers, as confirmed by officials from the Illinois Lottery.

Moreover, numerous opportunities for success still linger in the Lucky Day Lotto, as exemplified by a recent draw on February 10, where a ticket from a BP gas mart in Peoria Heights snagged an impressive $1.45 million payout.

It’s essential to approach lottery games with caution due to their inherent risks. For those grappling with gambling addiction or who are concerned about a loved one, the National Gambling Hotline at 1-800-522-4700 or the National Council on Problem Gambling website can provide support.

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Unclaimed Mega Millions

Illinois residents who purchased lottery tickets may have a pleasant surprise awaiting them.

Exclusive to Illinois, the Lotto game boasts a tantalizing $2 million jackpot. Players invest $2 in purchasing tickets and select six numbers ranging from one to 50. 

Alternatively, they can choose Quick Pick, letting the lottery system generate their digits. For an additional $1, the “Extra Shot” number enhances the odds of winning non-jackpot prizes.

It is important to note that there are instances where essential lottery prizes are left unclaimed. Surprisingly, a staggering $36 million Mega Millions prize, bought in Jacksonville from a Publix store in August 2023, has yet to be claimed, even with the deadline extended until February 11, 2024.

Lottery fans are being reminded of a $20 million SuperLotto Plus ticket that was bought at a corner store. The ticket is patiently waiting for its lucky owner to step forward.

Lottery enthusiasts are urged to check their tickets diligently, as these unclaimed prizes represent missed opportunities for unexpected windfalls. The allure of lottery winnings remains undeniably captivating, offering both excitement and the potential to change lives overnight.

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