Ukrainian Partisan Group Allegedly Poisons Dozens of Russian Soldiers in Crimea

A Ukrainian partisan group known as the “Crimea Combat Seagulls” has claimed responsibility for the alleged poisoning of two dozen Russian soldiers in occupied Crimea. 

The group posted its admission on Telegram, stating that it had killed 24 Russian soldiers and caused the hospitalization of 11 others in Simferopol, Crimea’s second-largest city. 

Since Russia’s illegal annexation of the peninsula in 2014, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been determined to retake the territory amid the ongoing conflict.

Ukrainian partisans have gained recognition for their devastating attacks against Russian forces since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. 

Last month, a partisan group in southeastern Ukraine’s Melitopol was reportedly involved in blowing up a car carrying pro-Russia Chechen militants. 

In October, the resistance fighters allegedly targeted a train transporting ammunition and fuel to Crimea, causing an explosion.

According to The Kyiv Post, the Crimea Combat Seagulls boasted on Saturday about successfully deceiving Russian troops into consuming poisoned vodka and food items. 

The group revealed that “nice girls” offered the soldiers “goodies” at a military checkpoint, which were unknowingly laced with arsenic and strychnine. 

The group further encouraged others to follow in their footsteps and poison Russians in Crimea, likening them to “cockroaches.”

The Telegram channel Kremlin Snuffbox also shared a similar account of the alleged poisoning, referring to it as a “tragedy” that occurred in a Simferopol military unit. 

However, it stated that the search for the individuals responsible was unsuccessful, although a Russian investigation is currently underway.

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Soldiers in Crimea Poisoning Sparks Investigation

A Ukrainian partisan group known as the “Crimea Combat Seagulls” has claimed responsibility for the alleged poisoning of two dozen Russian soldiers in occupied Crimea.

Reportedly, the “nice girls” introduced themselves as local residents and gifted the soldiers seven bottles of vodka accompanied by fish, sausage, bread, and cheese. 

The girls expressed gratitude to the soldiers for their protection, unaware of the poison. Many soldiers fell victim to the tainted goods, leading to the alleged casualties and hospitalizations.

The precise timing of the incident remains unclear, and the details shared on Telegram have not been independently verified by Newsweek.

This development follows a string of poisoning incidents. Just a few weeks ago, four officers of Russia’s Federal Security Service were poisoned after consuming delivery food, resulting in the deaths of three officers and the hospitalization of the fourth. 

In October, during a class reunion celebration, a Ukrainian delivery driver attempted to poison 77 Russian military graduates by offering them a tampered cake and whiskey.

While some view these actions by Ukrainian partisans as acts of resistance, it is crucial to remember that they contravene international norms and humanitarian principles. 

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, posing severe threats to both civilians and combatants.

As this situation unfolds, Russian authorities are conducting an investigation into the alleged poisoning incident. 

The volatile and dangerous nature of the ongoing conflict in Crimea becomes increasingly evident.

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