Trump’s Assessment of ’60 Minutes’ Biden Interview: Accuses Questions of Bias

Former President Donald Trump is again making headlines, this time for tearing into CBS’s ‘60 Minutes’ following the program’s interview with President Joe Biden. 

The interview, which aired on a late Sunday evening, primarily centered around the escalating conflict in the Middle East. 

In a characteristically fiery post on his Truth Social website, Trump did not hold back, accusing ‘60 Minutes’ of bias and calling the interview a JOKE.

Trump’s criticism of the interview began with a scathing remark: “Each question contained the answer, and was so weakly and apologetically asked that it was a JOKE which should be considered a campaign contribution to the Democrat Party.”

According to the former President, the interview felt more like an orchestrated attempt to lead President Biden “along like a lost child.”

Not one to mince words, Trump questioned the network’s right to free public airwaves for what he perceives as a highly partisan ‘show.

He asserted that CBS is shielding President Biden despite his belief that Biden is the most corrupt and incompetent President in the history of the United States.

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Donald Trump’s Ongoing Battle with Media

This latest outburst from Trump reflects a growing trend of the former President’s criticism of media outlets that he believes are unfairly covering his various legal and political controversies or supporting his political rivals.

His ongoing feud with Fox News over its coverage of the 2024 GOP primary field is well-documented, and he recently suggested that Comcast, the parent company of NBC News and MSNBC, be investigated over the content broadcast on those networks.

During the “60 Minutes” interview, which touched on various topics, President Biden offered his perspective on the ongoing Middle East conflict.

When asked about Israel potentially occupying Gaza as it combats the militant group Hamas, Biden emphasized that such a move would be a big mistake. 

This stance comes amid escalating tensions in the region following an attack launched by Hamas.

The President also faced questions about eliminating Hamas, an organization the White House has labeled as a terrorist group.

In response to Scott Pelley’s inquiry, Biden believed that eliminating Hamas should be a priority. 

However, he stressed the importance of a Palestinian authority and the need for a clear path to a Palestinian state.

It’s worth noting that Trump has sat for interviews with “60 Minutes” on multiple occasions during his decades in the public spotlight. 

One particularly memorable encounter was in 2020, when he cut an interview short with journalist Lesley Stahl, later describing the conversation as “fake” and “biased.”

As the political landscape continues to evolve, these high-profile clashes between former President Trump and major media outlets are likely to persist, providing plenty of material for political pundits and media analysts to dissect and discuss.

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Source: The Hill

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