Trump Criticizes New York Judge’s Decision Requiring Ivanka’s Testimony

Former President Donald Trump has renewed his vigorous criticism of the New York judge overseeing his civil fraud trial, resorting to derogatory language to describe the judge after the recent ruling that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, must testify in the case.

In a heated post on his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump referred to the judge as a “nut job” and accused him of being “Trump-hating” and “unhinged.” The former president went further, expressing his belief that the judge might be “crazy” due to his intense hatred toward him. 

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Trump Calls for Case Dismissal as Ivanka Faces Testimony

Trump asserted that the case should never have proceeded in the first place and must now be dismissed.

The source of Trump’s ire lies in the recent decision by Judge Arthur Engoron, who ruled that Ivanka Trump must provide testimony in the ongoing civil fraud case, even though she was initially dropped as a defendant early in the legal proceedings.

 Furthermore, Trump’s two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, will take the stand next month.

Ivanka Trump’s legal team vehemently argued that prosecutors lack the jurisdiction to subpoena her, contending that she is not a party in the case nor a resident of New York. 

In their statement, Ivanka’s attorneys emphasized, “It is black-letter law that, given those two facts, Ms. Trump is beyond the jurisdiction of this Court.”

The overarching fraud case accuses Donald Trump and his sons of intentionally manipulating the valuations of their business assets to secure more favorable terms on loans and insurance. 

Judge Engoron had previously ruled that fraud had occurred, and the trial is now focused on determining the extent of damages.

 Prosecutors are seeking financial penalties of at least $250 million and are aiming to prohibit the three men from conducting business in New York.

The ongoing legal battle between Trump and the New York authorities continues to generate intense scrutiny, with the former president’s rhetoric against the presiding judge adding another layer of tension to an already highly charged environment.

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Source: The Hill

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