Tragic Loss: Los Angeles Deputy Fatally Shot in Shocking Patrol Car Ambush

Authorities claim that a shooter “ambushed” a deputy from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as he was in his patrol car on Saturday night and fatally shot him.

In his car, the deputy, Ryan Clinkunbroomer, was discovered unconscious in Palmdale, California, close to the intersection of Sierra Highway and Avenue Q. A bystander found the deputy who was fatally injured and immediately called the authorities.

After being transferred to a local hospital, Clinkunbroomer passed away, according to the Associated Press. Sheriff Robert Luna was quoted by the AP as saying that “despite the medical staff’s best efforts to save our deputy’s life, regrettably he succumbed to his injuries.”
About four days before Clinkunbroomer’s passing, he got engaged. His fiancée, parents, and grandparents are all still alive.

Video of the shooting was purportedly obtained by a surveillance camera.
According to NBC News, which cited law enforcement officials, the footage appears to show someone driving a car next to Clinkunbroomer’s patrol car before accelerating away. According to NBC News, authorities are concentrating on the evading automobile.

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Legacy of Service


Despite the fact that Luna insisted he hadn’t ruled out any reasons, he spoke of being concerned that the shooting might have been a “targeted attack” just because Clinkunbroomer “was in uniform.”

According to a source for NBC News, it was unclear whether the shooter intended to target Clinkunbroomer directly or if he simply wanted to attack a person in a uniform. According to the source, there haven’t been many leads.

Clinkunbroomer was simply driving down the street when someone chose to shoot and kill him for no apparent reason; the precise motives are still under investigation, as described by Luna to the AP.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, more than 80 police officers lost their lives while performing their duties or as a result of accidents at work in 2023. By gunshots, about 40 people died.

According to AP, Clinkunbroomer was a third-generation law enforcement official who had followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. According to NBC News, Clinkunbroomer had been employed as a field training officer for the previous 1.5 years.

The position Clinkunbroomer held, according to Luna, was only open to his agency’s “best of the best.”

According to Luna, the sheriff’s office was assisting Palmdale law enforcement in the search for Clinkunbroomer’s killer.

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Source: Newsbreak

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