Top 10 States with the Most Arrested Capitol Rioters

In the lead-up to the infamous Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the US Capitol, a stark warning about the surge in right-wing extremism resonated through international and national intelligence channels. 

Research institutions and agencies had long observed the cyclical emergence of right-wing extremism, catalyzed by economic downturns and political shifts. 

According to a report released in 2020 by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), right-wing terrorism has surpassed other ideologies in terms of its prevalence, and it is described as the utilization or potential employment of force by sub-national or non-state entities. Pursuing supremacy based on race, ethnicity, religion, or opposition to government authority.

The Jan. 6 riot, a singular event, marked the culmination of years of escalating political division and mounting violence driven by right-wing extremists. 

Stacker’s investigation, using Department of Justice (DOJ) data, reveals the geographical distribution of arrests related to the riot, offering insights into the states where right-wing extremism played a significant role.

As of Feb. 16, 2023, the DOJ had charged 1,003 individuals in connection to the Jan. 6 riot, with 518 pleading guilty and 420 adjudicated and sentenced. 

While two states, North Dakota and Wyoming, had no indicted rioters, 30 individuals remained untraced to a specific condition, emphasizing the ongoing pursuit of justice.

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States Ranked by Rioter Arrests

In the lead-up to the infamous Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the US Capitol, a stark warning about the surge in right-wing extremism resonated through international and national intelligence channels.

States are ranked by the number of rioters arrested, with ties broken by rioters per million state residents:

1. Florida

  • Rioters: 91
  • Rioters per million people: 4.1
  • Florida, dubbed “the cradle of the insurrection,” hosted many Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, including notable figures like former Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio.

2. Texas

  • Rioters: 77
  • Rioters per million people: 2.6
  • With the highest number of Oath Keepers, Texas played a prominent role in organizing and escalating the riot, involving elected officials, law enforcement officers, and military members.

3. Pennsylvania

  • Rioters: 73
  • Rioters per million people: 5.6
  • Pennsylvania’s high per capita rate reflects its divisive politics, with notable figures like State Sen. Doug Mastriano actively participating in events.

4. New York

  • Rioters: 61
  • Rioters per million people: 3.1
  • New York’s urban-rural political divide is evident, with most arrests occurring outside New York City.

5. California

  • Rioters: 55
  • Rioters per million people: 1.4
  • Despite its liberal climate, California harbors the highest number of tracked hate groups, with significant conflicts involving the Proud Boys.

6. Ohio

  • Rioters: 53
  • Rioters per million people: 4.5
  • Ohio’s relatively high per capita involvement underscores the extent to which residents fell prey to falsehoods about the 2020 election.

7. Virginia

  • Rioters: 42
  • Rioters per million people: 4.8
  • Virginia’s proximity to D.C. and recent political shifts contributed to the dissatisfaction among predominantly white, rural voters.

8. Illinois

  • Rioters: 33
  • Rioters per million people: 2.6
  • Illinois, with its liberal stronghold in Chicago, witnessed a political landscape gradually changing, as reflected in rioters’ charges.

9. Washington, D.C

  • Rioters: 27
  • Rioters per million people: 40.2
  • The majority of individuals involved in the D.C. riots were successfully arrested within a relatively short period, ranging from days to months following the events, with significant damages to the Capitol.

10. Tennessee

  • Rioters: 27
  • Rioters per million people: 3.8
  • Tennessee’s continual presence of hate groups contributed to a high number of identified rioters, including infamous figures like Eric Munchel carrying zip ties, symbolizing violent intents.

The data highlights the alarming extent of right-wing extremism across the US, emphasizing the need for continued efforts to address and prevent such incidents.

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