Top 10 Dangerous Roads in the United States

The United States is home to some of the most dangerous roads, where high traffic volumes, hazardous conditions, and poor infrastructure contribute to a high number of fatal accidents. Based on various data sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), here are the top 10 dangerous roads in the United States:

  1. SR-12 (Texas): This 20-mile stretch, also known as Texas State Highway 12, is infamous for its high fatal accident rate, with 22 fatal accidents recorded in 2019 alone, equating to 112.2 fatal accidents per 100 miles​​.
  2. SR-9 (Florida): Florida State Route 9, a 13.7-mile road, recorded 13 fatal accidents in 2019, translating to 95 fatal crashes per 100 miles​​.
  3. I-5 (California): Stretching 1,381 kilometers along the Pacific coast, Interstate 5 traverses through densely populated areas like Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego County, making it one of the most perilous roads due to heavy truck traffic and high-speed driving​​.
  4. I-75 (Multiple States): Running from the Great Lakes to southern Florida, I-75 is particularly risky during colder months when roadways can be icy or snow-covered​​.
  5. I-35 (Multiple States): Interstate 35, connecting Laredo, Texas to Duluth, Minnesota, passes through major Texas cities with high traffic volumes, adding to its danger​​.
  6. I-15 (Nevada and California): The stretch between Las Vegas and Los Angeles is notorious for excessive speeding and a high percentage of accidents involving impaired drivers​​.
  7. I-40 (Multiple States): Connecting California with North Carolina, I-40 is known for its high traffic volume and has been classified as one of the most dangerous roads in the US, with a total of 253 fatalities​​.
  8. I-70 (Multiple States): Running from Utah to Maryland, I-70 passes through cities like Denver and Indianapolis. It’s known for steep gradients, tight twists, and challenging winter conditions​​.
  9. I-80 (Multiple States): Stretching from San Francisco to New Jersey, I-80 is particularly hazardous due to fast speeds, heavy truck congestion, and severe winds​​.
  10. U.S. Route 41 (Multiple States): Spanning from Michigan to Tennessee, U.S. 41 is another road that poses significant dangers due to various factors like traffic volume and roadway conditions​​.

These roads highlight the importance of cautious driving and awareness of road conditions, especially in areas known for high accident rates. Each of these roads has unique challenges, ranging from steep mountain passes to densely populated urban stretches, making them hazardous for different reasons.

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