TikTok Tragedy: TikTok Star Inquisitor Appears to Stream His Own Death

The case occurred on October 9, 2023, when the famous Call of Duty cosplayer and TikTok personality known as Inquisitor appeared to have met a tragic end during a live stream on the platform.

The original video, which has since been removed from TikTok, left a haunting impression on those who watched it. 

In the days that followed, many sought to unravel the events leading up to this shocking incident, attempting to piece together the life of the popular streamer, who had recently been embroiled in controversy.

Inquisitor, an Italian content creator, was primarily known for his engaging videos centered around video games. 

Donning a distinctive mask during his gaming sessions, he had amassed a substantial following of around 200,000 people who admired his content.

However, his world took a dark turn when he was accused of grooming following the leak of alleged conversations between him and his 17-year-old editor. 

These allegations triggered a vicious campaign of harassment, seemingly aimed at substantiating the accusations against him.

The video appeared to be just a dimly lit room, but it quickly took a terrifying turn. Viewers were shocked as they witnessed an attempt to break through a window in the room. Panic ensued, with one person initiating CPR and another contacting emergency services. 

The voice on the phone cried out in Italian, “he was hanged here,” while an emergency worker guided them through CPR. The situation unfolded in real time, leaving viewers deeply disturbed.

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Account Removal on TikTok: Enforcing Community Guidelines or Protecting Privacy?

A few days after the live stream, Inquisitor’s TikTok account vanished entirely. Attempting to find his account now results in a message stating, “Couldn’t find this account.” The reasons for this disappearance remain unclear, leaving room for speculation. 

TikTok’s Community Guidelines explicitly prohibit the display, promotion, or sharing of suicide or self-harm plans, which could explain the account’s removal. 

Alternatively, a friend or family member may have taken the charge down to protect his memory and privacy.

At this juncture, many aspects of this tragic story remain unverified, including the initial allegation of an inappropriate relationship between the Inquisitor and his editor and the confirmation of his passing. 

However, one thing is certain: the video should never have been shared, as its content could have been profoundly traumatizing for those who witnessed it.

The video, though removed from TikTok, continues to circulate online. Due to its highly sensitive nature, we have chosen not to share it. 

For those who followed Inquisitor and want to remember him, various posts and tributes can be found online. In this challenging time, the community comes together to honor his memory and, perhaps, find the answers and closure they seek in the wake of this tragedy.

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