The worst driving cities are listed in a new survey! This is how Los Angeles and other Californian cities fared

A recent study has cast a spotlight on the cities across the United States with the most perilous drivers, revealing surprising rankings for Los Angeles and other cities in California amidst national concerns.

Southern California, often synonymous with heavy traffic and a vibrant car culture, surprisingly does not feature any of its cities within the top five worst for driving behaviors. This revelation challenges the common stereotypes associated with the region’s driving habits.

Forbes reports that the study placed Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the pinnacle of the list, naming it the city with the most dangerous drivers in America. The criteria for this dubious honor included a range of hazardous behaviors that pose threats to public safety, notably high incidences of deadly car crashes, rampant drunk driving, and significant levels of distracted driving.

Within California, the rankings paint a diverse picture of driver safety. Fresno emerges at number 22, marking it as the Californian city with the highest level of dangerous driving according to this study. Long Beach follows, securing the 34th position, with Los Angeles not far behind at 37th.

Meanwhile, San Diego and San Francisco find themselves ranked at 42nd and 49th, respectively, suggesting a slightly safer driving environment compared to their state counterparts.

Forbes’ list of cities with the most hazardous drivers introduces a thought-provoking narrative on urban driving cultures across the United States:

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Topping the list, Albuquerque’s drivers are noted for their particularly perilous driving habits, leading the nation in harmful behaviors on the road.
  2. Memphis, Tennessee: Coming in second, Memphis highlights the ongoing issues surrounding driver safety in the heart of the South.
  3. Detroit, Michigan: The automotive capital’s drivers rank third, reflecting the challenges faced in urban driving environments.
  4. Tucson, Arizona: Ranking fourth, Tucson’s driving conditions indicate significant areas for improvement in road safety.
  5. Kansas City, Missouri: Completing the top five, Kansas City’s drivers contribute to the Midwest’s representation in the rankings for risky driving behaviors.

This study not only sheds light on the varying levels of driver safety across the United States but also challenges regional stereotypes, particularly for Southern California cities like Los Angeles.

While LA’s ranking at 37th might come as a relief to some, it remains a call to action for improvements in driving habits and road safety measures. The findings serve as a reminder of the ongoing need for vigilance and responsible driving behaviors in order to safeguard public safety on the roads.

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