The top US cities for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

A fascinating study conducted by Celtic Titles has recently shed light on the premier destinations across the United States for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re gearing up for an unforgettable experience this March, the results of this study might guide you to unexpected yet vibrant locales for your celebration.

Celtic Titles’ researchers embarked on a quest to identify what constitutes a remarkable St. Patrick’s Day celebration, assessing cities on multiple dimensions. The team evaluated local fervor for the holiday, gauging this by the volume of internet searches related to St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations during March over the past four years.

Additionally, they examined the plethora of St. Patrick’s Day events, the percentage of residents with Irish ancestry, and the availability of Irish pubs in each city, painting a comprehensive picture of the nation’s St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

While New York City has long been synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day in America—boasting the oldest parade dedicated to the holiday—it surprisingly did not clinch the top spot in this study. Instead, Boston, Massachusetts, emerged as the leading city, offering a combination of rich Irish heritage and lively celebrations that outshone the rest.

Here are the top ten cities for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, as identified by Celtic Titles:

  1. Boston, Massachusetts: With its profound Irish roots and a plethora of celebratory events, Boston is the pinnacle of St. Patrick’s Day festivities.
  2. New York City, New York: Despite being dethroned from the top spot, NYC’s legendary parade ensures it remains a key destination for holiday revelers.
  3. Chicago, Illinois: Notable for its iconic green river, Chicago’s unique celebrations are a must-see.
  4. Buffalo, New York: This city’s enthusiasm for St. Patrick’s Day is reflected in its vibrant events and search trends.
  5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Home to a significant Irish community, Pittsburgh offers an immersive celebration experience.
  6. St. Louis, Missouri: St. Louis’s large-scale celebrations are marked by enthusiasm and a variety of events.
  7. New Orleans, Louisiana: Famed for its festive spirit, New Orleans showcases considerable zeal for St. Patrick’s Day.
  8. Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland’s diverse St. Patrick’s Day events make it a standout celebration destination.
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: With a notable Irish population, Philadelphia’s festivities are deeply rooted in tradition.
  10. Denver, Colorado: Rounding out the list, Denver’s celebrations are characterized by community spirit and inclusivity.

The study also pointed out cities that fall short in terms of St. Patrick’s Day spirit, namely El Paso, TX; Corpus Christi, TX; and Stockton, CA, suggesting these locations might not offer the vibrant celebrations sought by enthusiasts.

Interestingly, New Orleans was pinpointed as the city with the highest enthusiasm for St. Patrick’s Day, followed by Buffalo and then Boston. In terms of event quantity, Chicago took the lead, with New York and Boston also making significant contributions to the St. Patrick’s Day calendar. Boston, embracing its Irish heritage, boasted the highest percentage of residents with Irish ancestry at 19.4%, followed closely by Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

This comprehensive study by Celtic Titles illuminates the best US cities for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, offering insights into where you can find the most spirited parades, the richest Irish culture, and the most engaging events. Whether you’re drawn to the history-soaked streets of Boston or the green-dyed rivers of Chicago, these destinations promise an unparalleled St. Patrick’s Day experience.

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