The Shifting Perspectives of New Jersey Residents: A 2023 Insight

New Jersey, a state known for its diverse population and rich cultural heritage, has seen significant shifts in public opinion over the last decade, particularly in views on race relations and quality of life. A recent poll conducted by the Monmouth University Polling Institute reveals these evolving perspectives.

1. Perceptions of Racial Equality:

In 2023, only 26% of New Jersey residents believe that Black and white people are treated equally in society, a decrease from 42% in 2012. This decline in optimism is not limited to one demographic; it spans across various racial and ethnic groups. Notably, the belief that racial equality will never be achieved has risen among Hispanic and Asian residents, from 22% to 51%.

2. Partisan Divides in Views on Race:

The poll highlights a significant partisan divide among white New Jerseyans regarding racial equality. While white Democrats are more pessimistic, with only 15% believing in current racial equality, white Republicans are comparatively more optimistic, with 48% holding this belief. This divide extends to the importance of interracial connections, with white Republicans less likely to view them as very important compared to white Democrats.

3. Racial and Ethnic Discrimination as a Statewide Problem:

A significant 64% of respondents acknowledge racial and ethnic discrimination as a problem in New Jersey. This number has increased from 47% in 2010, indicating a growing awareness of these issues.

4. Local Race Relations:

Despite these concerns at a societal level, most New Jerseyans view race relations positively in their local areas. Over 76% rate them as either excellent or good, a sentiment that remains consistent across racial and demographic lines.

5. Diversity and Immigration:

The majority of New Jerseyans view racial and ethnic diversity positively, with 59% believing it benefits the state’s quality of life. Furthermore, 44% see immigration into New Jersey as beneficial, reflecting the state’s historically welcoming stance towards immigrants.

6. Importance of Interracial Friendships:

There’s a notable increase in the importance New Jerseyans place on interracial friendships. In 2023, 44% consider having friends of different races very important, up from 34% in 2012. This change is more pronounced among younger residents and Democrats, highlighting a generational and political shift in attitudes.


These findings from the Monmouth University Poll paint a nuanced picture of New Jersey’s societal landscape in 2023. While there are growing concerns about racial equality and discrimination, there remains a strong sense of community and positive race relations at the local level. The changing attitudes towards diversity, immigration, and interracial connections indicate a dynamic and evolving social fabric in the Garden State

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