The New Mexico Film Office Announces Play Factory, A Multimedia Production by Electric Playhouse Inc., is Being Produced in New Mexico

SANTA FE, NM – The New Mexico Film Office announces Play Factory, a multimedia game and interactive experience by Electric Playhouse Inc. is being produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico from August through October 2021.


“Electric Playhouse is a New Mexico homegrown multimedia company that continues to impress with each new idea. Play Factory will level up the experience and offerings that the company offers, and we are excited that the state’s film incentive can positively contribute to their continued growth,” said Amber Dodson, Director, New Mexico Film Office.


The production is directed and produced by Electric Playhouse and is employing 7 New Mexicans.


Play Factory is a new collection of interactive and immersive augmented game play experiences that are inspired by a combination of classic games mixed with sport and competitiveness. The experience is an immersive storytelling experience based on the physical mechanics of the body and physical motion. Each game and experience is a continued evolution of Electric Playhouse’s patented media and tracking system that is unique to New Mexico and the world. Play Factory will also be the first time that internationally recognized game studios will be collaborating with Electric Playhouse and investing in the Albuquerque and overall New Mexico markets.


Each play experience is designed to gamify the built environment by turning the walls and floors into interactive games, adding a new level of competitiveness that can accommodate both small groups (1-2 players) and much larger groups. (up to 20+ players). With the support of the New Mexico Film Office, we have been able to continue to invest in local talent and partners which has allowed us to create new and exciting experiences like Play Factory ” said Brandon Garrett, Co-Founder & Vice President, Electric Playhouse, Inc.


For more information on the production, contact: [email protected]


All film, television, and game productions in New Mexico are required to adhere to the state’s operative emergency public health order, associated public health restrictions, industry joint labor agreements and COVID-Safe Practices.


The New Mexico Film Office has released Back2One, a catchall set of principles, general recommendations, and resources for film and television productions operating during COVID-19. Back2One recommendations and other COVID-Safe Practices can be found at


Electric Playhouse

Electric Playhouse is an Albuquerque-based company that utilizes artist driven interactive projections to transform empty spaces into immersive gaming and dining experiences. Visit to learn more.