The DA’s Office said that Celena Morrison and her husband will not be charged at this time after being arrested by a Pennsylvania state trooper

In a recent incident that has captured the attention of Philadelphia residents and officials alike, Celena Morrison, the Executive Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs for the city, along with her husband, Darius McLean, were involved in a confrontation that led to their arrest by a Pennsylvania State Police trooper.

The event, which unfolded on the Vine Street Expressway and was subsequently shared across social media platforms, has resulted in significant public discourse and official responses.

The confrontation began on a rainy Saturday morning when a state trooper halted Morrison, who was behind the wheel of a gray Infiniti sedan.

The stop was initiated due to multiple vehicle code violations observed by the trooper, including expired and suspended registration, illegal window tint, non-illuminated headlights during rain, and following too closely behind another vehicle.

As this was happening, McLean arrived at the scene driving a green Dodge sedan and quickly became verbally confrontational with the officer, according to state police reports.

The situation escalated when McLean, after refusing several commands from the trooper, was attempted to be placed under arrest and resisted. Morrison, in turn, approached and allegedly attempted to interfere with her husband’s arrest.

During the altercation, Morrison managed to capture video footage, which shows McLean lying on the wet ground, struggling as the trooper attempts to handcuff him, while Morrison can be heard pleading for her husband’s release and asserting her position in the mayor’s office.

The video has sparked widespread concern, showing moments of distress and confrontation, with Morrison at one point exclaiming, “He just punched me.” This incident has prompted Mayor Cherelle L. Parker to describe the situation as “very concerning.” The footage further captures Morrison protesting the arrest by claiming racial bias, which the trooper denies.

Despite the initial filing of several misdemeanor and summary charges against Morrison and McLean, the Pennsylvania State Police announced that the couple was released from custody Saturday evening without charges, as the District Attorney’s Office has withheld charging decisions pending additional review.

Celena Morrison, 51, has been recognized for her contributions to the city, especially as the first openly transgender individual believed to lead any city office or department since 2020. McLean, 35, holds significant roles within the community as the Chief Operating Officer of the William Way Community Center and Director of the Arcila-Adams Trans Resource Center.

The incident has raised questions regarding law enforcement interactions, the deployment of body cameras among state troopers, and the implications of vehicle stops. The state police acknowledged that the trooper involved was not equipped with a body camera, as the statewide program has not been fully implemented.

However, it was noted that the trooper’s vehicle was fitted with a mobile video recorder and microphone, which may provide additional context to the incident.

As the community awaits further details and outcomes from the ongoing investigation, the incident underscores the complexities and tensions that can arise during law enforcement encounters.

The city’s leadership, including Mayor Parker, has expressed concern and attention to the welfare of all city employees, including Morrison, highlighting the broader implications of such incidents on community relations and trust in public officials.

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