The Adverse Effects of Mass Immigration on Black Americans

The 2024 election has made immigration a central political issue, igniting a contentious debate set to resume in Congress in January.

Amidst this turmoil, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) holds a crucial obligation to represent its base, considering the disproportionate impact of current immigration policies on the Black community, especially with the influx of “asylum seekers” across the unpredictable borders.

The 60-member body, predominantly absent from the forefront, owes its detachment to financial ties, business interests, and allegiance to Hispanic and progressive factions within the party. The time has come for this dereliction of responsibility to cease.

The CBC must cast off hesitation and highlight the direct correlation between escalating immigration levels and the declining prospects of Black workers, particularly men. 

Research like the 2010 study “Immigration and the Economic Status of African-American Men” has underscored the negative impact of immigration on Black wages, employment rates, and incarceration figures.

The erosion of Black labor’s standing due to surges in economic immigration has prompted vocal criticism, such as T. Willard Fair’s questioning of the CBC’s loyalty to immigration policies benefiting the Democratic Party.

Despite the tricky nature of this topic, the CBC’s allegiance primarily lies with the 18 million-plus Black Americans it represents, even if it conflicts with party ideals. 

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CBC’s Historical Immigration Stance, Adverse Effects

The 2024 election has made immigration a central political issue, igniting a contentious debate set to resume in Congress in January.

While the CBC historically supported non-discriminatory immigration policies, the current scenario demands a reevaluation.

The CBC needs to highlight the challenges faced by Black individuals due to erratic border crossings, vague enforcement policies, red state transportation of asylum seekers to blue state sanctuary cities, job and housing competition, and the stagnation in immigration reform.

The CBC’s role is pivotal in linking Black labor’s security to essential practices for border security and immigration reform. 

They should emphasize inclusive standards for Black workers in industries attracting a high concentration of immigrant workers, proposing language mirroring President Biden’s executive order on American workers.

Moreover, the CBC should advocate for sanctuary cities’ prioritization of native populations in accessing facilities and services. 

It’s essential to demand initiatives to support descendants of slavery and Jim Crow, similar to those for immigrant aid, and to institute education for immigrants on America’s history of racism and colorism.

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