The 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Savannah, Georgia

The city of Savannah, Georgia, known for its historic charm and southern vibe, unfortunately, also grapples with issues of crime and safety in certain neighborhoods. Based on the latest data and information, here are the five most dangerous neighborhoods in Savannah, gauged primarily by their crime rates.

  1. Route 23/Edgemond Drive NE: This area tops the list with the highest crime rate in Savannah. The general crime rate here is 182% above the city’s average, with 52.6 crimes per 1,000 people. Violent crimes are particularly alarming, being 405% above the city’s norm. The area is also troubled by high rates of property crimes, including assault, burglary, and theft.
  2. 10th Ave S and 9th Ave S: Ranking as the second most dangerous area, this neighborhood has a crime rate 120% higher than Savannah’s average. The area experiences a high rate of serious crimes, 255% above the city’s average, along with elevated property crime rates.
  3. City Center and St. Cloud State University Area: With a D+ crime grade, this part of Savannah stands as the third highest in crime rates. The area sees a total of 30 crimes per 1,000 residents, 71% higher than Savannah’s average. Property crimes and incidents like theft and break-ins are common here.
  4. 8th Street N and 6th Ave N: This neighborhood, with a C- crime grade, experiences a crime rate 43% higher than the city’s average. While the rate of serious crime aligns with the city’s average, property crimes are 46% above the norm.
  5. Canoe Creek Road and Old Canoe Creek Road: Marked as the fifth most dangerous area, it has a general crime rate equal to Savannah’s average. However, the area experiences property crimes at a rate in line with the city’s average, making theft and burglary common occurrences here.

It’s important to note that these statistics are based on reported crimes and may not fully represent the actual level of safety or risk in each neighborhood. Crime rates can fluctuate based on various factors such as time of day, season, and other dynamics influencing criminal behavior. Therefore, caution and common sense are advised when residing in or visiting any area in Savannah

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