Suspect captured in mugging and attack of 91-year-old man on the Upper East Side

In a distressing incident in Manhattan, a 91-year-old man fell victim to a brutal assault and attempted robbery. Christian Torres, 45, has been apprehended and is facing serious charges, including first-degree robbery and assaulting an individual over 65.

This reprehensible act took place as the elderly man, Hyman Silverglad, was making his way home after a routine visit to the grocery store.

The attack occurred on the night of February 1st, around 10:30 p.m., on East 86th Street, nestled between First and Second avenues.

The assailant aggressively pushed Silverglad to the ground, delivering punches in a vile attempt to snatch his wallet. Despite the physical assault, Silverglad, a retired attorney with a resilient spirit, managed to thwart the robbery, clinging determinedly to his wallet.

He recounted the ordeal, emphasizing his resolve by stating he informed the attacker of his Coney Island roots, symbolizing his determination not to succumb easily.

Authorities credited their swift apprehension of Torres to vigilant detectives who, during a routine patrol in the subway station at 116th St and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem, recognized him. At the time of his arrest, Torres was found in possession of illegal substances, adding to the gravity of his charges.

The aftermath of the attack has left Silverglad grappling with severe injuries, confining him to a state of continuous pain and immobility. Speaking to Eyewitness News, he shared the extent of his suffering and his instinctive fight for survival, a testament to his courage in the face of a harrowing assault.

This incident has not only highlighted the vulnerability of the elderly in urban settings but also showcased the relentless spirit of an individual who, despite age and adversity, fought valiantly to protect himself.

It serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and the importance of safeguarding our communities against such violent acts.

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