Stimulus Update: Montana Residents’ Window to Apply for $675 Tax Rebate Closes on Oct. 1

The State of Montana has been benefiting from a Republican-controlled law that provides a property tax rebate. Application submissions must be made by October 1st.

Already qualified individuals have begun collecting $675, which goes a long way toward covering their monthly expenses. Due to the excessively high federal property tax, Governor Gianforte was the one who supported this proposal.

His goal is to help folks who have struggled to pay property taxes. Taxpayers must have resided in and owned a house in Montana for at least seven months in 2022 to be eligible for this reimbursement. The property taxes paid in 2022 for Montana residency are covered by this rebate.

Applying online at or via a paper form is the easiest way to request this property tax reimbursement if you are eligible. Applying online is the quickest way to receive this reimbursement, though. Residents of Montana must submit their applications by that deadline of October 1.

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Eligibility and Application Process


Regardless of age, you will also need the names and social security numbers of everyone who resides in the same house. Namely, the partner and all dependents.

Aside from taxpayers having to own or reside in the state for at least seven months, they must also have received a bill for and paid the home’s property taxes during the 2022 tax year. However, according to state officials in the Treasure State, this refund program only permits one rebate per home.

According to representatives from Montana, based on the tax year 2023, a similar refund scheme will also be accessible to qualified households in 2024.

With a maximum payout of $675, the amount each taxpayer receives from the program is equal to the amount of property taxes paid for their “primary Montana residence.” The state will only offer one rebate per property.

Accepted candidates will get their rebate up to 90 days after submitting a paper application, or within 30 days after submitting the application online.

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Source:Washington Examiner

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