Spike Lee’s Donated Air Jordans Spark Bidding Frenzy, Close at $51K

Spike Lee’s custom gold Nike Air Jordan 3s, originally created for the acclaimed filmmaker, garnered an astonishing $50,800 at auction.

A pair of sneakers discovered in a donation chute at an Oregon shelter have recently been auctioned off at the renowned auction house, Sotheby’s. 

The sale of these sneakers has far surpassed the initial predictions, leaving many astonished by the final price.

All proceeds from the auction will be directed towards the Portland Rescue Mission, a charitable organization dedicated to assisting individuals grappling with homelessness, hunger, and addiction.

Erin Holcomb, Director of Staff Ministries at the Portland Rescue Mission, expressed her disbelief at the escalating bid during the final minutes of the auction. 

The generous contribution, Holcomb noted, became a cause for celebration within the organization.

The auction, watched live by about two dozen people at the shelter, marked a moment of joy and astonishment. 

James Free, formerly homeless and currently residing at the mission, discovered the shoes among donations and brought them to the staff’s attention.

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Spike Lee’s Custom Sneakers Auctioned for Local Shelter

Spike Lee’s custom gold Nike Air Jordan 3s, originally created for the acclaimed filmmaker, garnered an astonishing $50,800 at auction.

The funds from the auction will support various services at the shelter, including food provision, access to hygiene facilities, healthcare, housing, and employment resources.

Tinker Hatfield, who designed the sneakers for Spike Lee, authenticated the shoes and donated a replacement box and other Nike merchandise to accompany the auction. 

While the donated pair wasn’t Lee’s personal one, it was part of the few made for him to distribute within his close circle. 

Nike, headquartered in nearby Beaverton, Oregon, further emphasized its connection to the local community.

The Portland Rescue Mission, serving around 6,000 people and providing 300,000 meals annually, expressed gratitude for the unexpected windfall. 

The incredible act of kindness is made all the more extraordinary by the fact that the name of the anonymous contributor is still unknown.

The sale of these one-of-a-kind sneakers shows the major effect that unforeseen acts of kindness can have on community support organizations, emphasizing the interdependence of local generosity.

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