Senior Center’s Medicare 101 Class: Don’t Miss it on Tuesday

As Medicare Open Enrollment season approaches, Carson City’s senior population is gearing up to make critical decisions about their healthcare coverage. 

From October 15 to December 7, eligible seniors can enroll in, switch, or modify their Medicare plans. 

To ensure seniors are well-informed and equipped to make the best choices for their healthcare needs, the Carson City Senior Center Advisory Council is introducing an informative event designed to provide essential guidance.

The cornerstone of this event is the Medicare 101 class, which will cover the fundamental aspects of Medicare, including the various parts A, B, C, and D. Hosted by the Access to Healthcare Medicare Assistance Program (MAP), this class aims to provide seniors with a comprehensive understanding of their Medicare options. MAP is known for its unbiased and free Medicare information and counseling services, specifically tailored to assist Northern Nevadans.

During the Medicare 101 session, attendees will learn about the intricacies of Medicare, enabling them to make well-informed choices about their healthcare coverage. 

Moreover, participants can schedule future appointments with MAP for free counseling and assistance with plan changes.

Following the informative session, a Medicare Fair will feature local Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Medicare providers. 

This is an invaluable opportunity for seniors to engage with these providers directly, allowing them to ask questions and gather detailed information about specific plans. 

Seniors can explore various options and assess which programs align best with their healthcare needs.

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Medicare Info Event: Oct 3 Details at Carson City Senior Center

Senior Center’s Medicare 101 Class: Don’t Miss it on Tuesday

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, October 3
  • Location: Carson City Senior Center, 911 Beverly Drive
  • Medicare 101: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Tahoe Tree room, east end of the building)
  • Medicare Fair: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (Nevada Room)

As a bonus, seniors aged 60 and over can enjoy a delicious lunch of Salisbury Steak with Baked Potato from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM, with a suggested donation of $2.25. 

Additionally, attendees will receive free raffle tickets for a chance to win door prizes. 

The raffle drawing will take place after the event, and winners need not be present to claim their prizes.

RSVPs for the event are not required, ensuring that all interested seniors can attend. 

Agents and carriers who wish to participate by hosting tables at the event are encouraged to contact the Senior Center to secure their spot.

For further information or any questions regarding the event, don’t hesitate to contact the Carson City Senior Center at (775) 883-0703. 

This event promises to equip Carson City seniors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their Medicare coverage during the upcoming open enrollment period.

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Source: Nevada Appeal

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