Pope Francis Confirms Participation in COP28 Climate Conference in Dubai

Pope Francis has announced his plan to attend the COP28 conference on climate change in Dubai, reaffirming his deep concern for environmental issues. 

The Pope disclosed his travel plans during a 45-minute interview on the Italian television network RAI, revealing that he would be in Dubai from December 1 to 3.

While Pope Francis did not provide specific details about his schedule during the visit, he will likely address the delegates at the conference. 

The Pope has consistently advocated for greater attention to environmental concerns, particularly as they impact vulnerable communities.

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Pope Francis Prioritizes Environmental Action

This announcement comes shortly before Pope Francis’s 87th birthday. When asked about his health, the Pope humorously responded with his trademark line, “Still alive, you know.” 

Despite setbacks like abdominal surgery a few months ago, Pope Francis remains engaged in global issues.

The international climate conference in Dubai is scheduled to begin on November 30 and will run until December 12. 

Pope Francis’s decision to attend reflects his ongoing commitment to environmental issues and the urgent need for collective action.

Throughout his papacy, Pope Francis has made the environment a central focus, emphasizing the importance of caring for the Earth’s natural resources. 

In 2015, he penned a groundbreaking encyclical addressing the critical state of the planet’s natural resources.

Expressing frustration with the slow progress made by nations in addressing climate change, Pope Francis challenged world leaders to commit to binding targets for slowing climate change during a recent address. 

He stressed the need for courage and responsibility in taking meaningful action to prevent further environmental deterioration.

During the interview, Pope Francis acknowledged the setbacks in climate goals but reiterated the importance of taking action to stop the environmental crisis. 

He expressed hope that humanity still has time to address these issues and emphasized the need for better planet care.

The Pope’s message regarding climate change is particularly relevant as the world faces the prospect of irreversible damage to both the environment and human lives. 

He has consistently highlighted the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.

The COP meetings, known formally as the Conference of the Parties, have been held since 1995 to address climate change’s impact and governments’ measures to combat it. 

The upcoming COP28 conference in Dubai is part of this ongoing effort to manage climate change and set new goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Pope Francis’s presence at the conference is a powerful statement of the importance of global cooperation to protect the environment.

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Source: AP News

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