Pastor Allegedly Attempts to Deep-Fry McDonald’s Cook Over Wife’s Disrespect

Pastor Dwayne Waden, a 57-year-old church pastor, was arrested for alleged assault at a McDonald’s outlet in High Point, North Carolina. 

Dwayne Waden, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a McDonald’s employee and attempting to force him into a deep fat fryer.

The altercation unfolded when a manager in training reported feeling disrespected by fellow employees and sought assistance from her husband, Pastor Dwayne Waden. 

According to a charging document obtained by The Smoking Gun, Waden arrived at the scene and launched a physical assault on one of the cooks, repeatedly striking him in the face and attempting to push his head toward the deep fryer. 

Witnesses intervened to prevent further harm, and the victim suffered a significant contusion to the forehead, right eye, and scratches on his neck.

Emergency services responded to the incident, but the victim’s family opted to transport him to the hospital. 

Following an investigation that included store video footage, Waden was arrested for assault.

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Legal Actions Follow Disturbing Incidents at McDonald’s

Pastor Dwayne Waden, a 57-year-old church pastor, was arrested for alleged assault at a McDonald’s outlet in High Point, North Carolina.

His bond has been set at $1,000, with a trial date scheduled for January 22.

Waden, who works as a truck driver and serves as a pastor at Elevated Life International Ministries, recently celebrated the second anniversary of the ministry, as indicated on his Facebook page.

This disturbing incident comes in the wake of another violent event at a McDonald’s outlet in Southern California in September. 

In that case, a 13-year-old girl was assaulted by a woman, Ariana Lauifi, inside the restaurant. 

The shocking footage, capturing Lauifi dragging, punching, and pulling the teenager’s hair, went viral. 

Despite the alarming situation, McDonald’s staff reportedly did not intervene, leading to a legal suit against McDonald’s and Lauifi by the victim’s family.

As these incidents raise concerns about safety within McDonald’s establishments, investigations and legal actions are underway to address the aftermath of these violent encounters.

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