Oklahoma Fugitive Extradited from Mexico After Six Years on the Run for Wife’s Murder

A wanted Oklahoma man has been extradited from Mexico and now faces first-degree murder charges in Tulsa for the alleged 2017 shooting of his estranged wife. 

Jose Gomez-Baca, who had been on the run for years, was taken into custody by US Marshals on June 27, following a tip received by Interpol that ultimately led law enforcement to his location.

Gomez-Baca’s arrest occurred without incident as he left his job at a machine shop in Tecomán, Colima, Mexico. 

Deputy US Marshal John Gage shared the operation details, explaining that US Marshals traveled to Mexico City, where they coordinated with Mexican authorities and subsequently flew back to the United States with the suspect in custody.

The 31-year-old fugitive was booked into Tulsa County Jail, marking a breakthrough in a case that had remained unsolved for several years.

Gomez-Baca stands accused of shooting 26-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez while she sat in a car outside her home on June 22, 2017, according to a press release from the Tulsa Police Department. 

The shocking incident occurred when Gomez-Baca allegedly ambushed his estranged wife as she arrived in a car with her family.

Tragically, Rodriguez’s family members were in the car when the fatal shots were fired, leading to a devastating scene of violence and loss.

Her brother, Gilberto Rodriguez, recounted the horrifying moment, stating that he found his mother and sister in the car, both suffering from gunshot wounds. 

The couple’s children were reportedly inside the house during this traumatic incident.

“Their mother is gone, and their dad is gone,” Gilberto Rodriguez said, expressing the heartbreak of losing both parents. 

The alleged violence left a permanent scar on the family as they grappled with the devastating consequences of Gomez-Baca’s actions.

The search for Gomez-Baca had gone on for years, during which he managed to evade law enforcement authorities.

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Extradition from Mexico Highlights Law Enforcement Dedication

His capture in Mexico this summer marked a turning point in pursuing justice for the victim, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and her grieving family.

It is worth noting that Gomez-Baca had reported his wife missing a day before the alleged murder, leading to suspicions by police that she had voluntarily left due to issues in their relationship. 

The subsequent investigation and efforts by law enforcement ultimately led to the extradition of the fugitive, who now faces serious charges.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Gomez-Baca still needs to retain an attorney, and the date of his arraignment remains unclear. 

The extradition of the wanted man from Mexico underscores the dedication of law enforcement agencies in pursuing justice, even across international borders, to ensure that those who commit heinous crimes are held accountable for their actions.

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Source: Fox News

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