Nvidia and US in AI Chip Talks for Potential Sales to China

Nvidia is in discussions with the Biden administration regarding the permissible sales of artificial intelligence chips to China. 

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo stated the restriction imposed on Nvidia, preventing the company from selling its cutting-edge semiconductors to Chinese firms. 

In a recent statement, Raimondo pointed out that Nvidia has the ability and should proceed with the sale of AI chips for commercial purposes within the Chinese market, the administration will not allow the shipment of the most sophisticated and highest-processing power AI chips that could enable the training of advanced models in China.

Regarding the discussions, Raimondo mentioned a recent conversation she had with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. 

During their conversation, Huang expressed the company’s dedication to adhering to regulations. 

Raimondo warned chip companies against attempting to create chips just below specified cutlines, stating that the Department of Commerce would closely monitor such attempts to ensure compliance with export restrictions.

Despite Nvidia’s refusal to provide a comment, it is worth noting that Huang had previously acknowledged the company’s collaboration with the US government in ensuring compliance with export restrictions for new chips intended for the Chinese market.

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Biden Focuses on China, Boeing, and TikTok Security

Nvidia is in discussions with the Biden administration regarding the permissible sales of artificial intelligence chips to China.

In August, Raimondo also commented on the establishment of a commercial issues working group with China, expressing that it is currently premature to assess its effectiveness. 

In a statement, she expressed her disappointment regarding the delay in Chinese airlines resuming Boeing deliveries. 

The Biden administration stated their unwavering determination to continue their endeavors in order to guarantee the fulfillment of their commitments.

Furthermore, Raimondo urged Congress to enact legislation that would effectively address the potential national security risks posed by foreign apps such as TikTok. 

She stressed the importance of having tools to address security concerns related to foreign-owned apps. 

She advocated for the implementation of comprehensive legislation instead of simply banning specific companies. 

TikTok has consistently denied any national security concerns.

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