New Details Shared by Neighbor in Tarzana Woman’s Missing Person Case

Authorities are searching for missing Tarzana lady Mei Li Haskell and her parents, 64-year-old Yanxiang Wang and 71-year-old Gaoshan Li, after the body of an unidentified woman was found in a garbage in Encino. 

The unsettling case has left a community in shock and uncertainty.The investigation took a drastic turn on Wednesday when Mei Li Haskell’s husband, 35-year-old Samuel Haskell, was arrested after the grim discovery near Ventura Boulevard and Rubio Avenue. 

He is currently held on a $2 million bail as investigators attempt to unravel the circumstances surrounding the gruesome find.

The search for Mei Li and her parents has led authorities to the Haskell family’s residence in the 4100 block of Coldstream Terrace. Elle Benami, a neighbor and friend of Mei Li, revealed that police informed her of the discovery of body parts inside the Tarzana home. 

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Mystery and Shock in Tarzana

However, investigators have not officially confirmed this information aside from the torso found in Encino. During a news conference, LAPD Det. Efren Gutierrez briefly described the evidence found in the Tarzana home, including blood evidence and other items related to a crime. 

The specifics of these findings remain undisclosed as the investigation unfolds.Elle Benami shared insights into her friendship with Mei Li and the Haskell family, emphasizing Mei’s role in helping her maintain sanity during the pandemic. Benami described Mei as a sweet, generous, and social person who enjoyed hosting parties.

On the other hand, Samuel Haskell was characterized as less outgoing, often retreating to his room after a short period.

The Haskells’ three young boys have been placed under the care of the county Department of Children and Family Services following Mei Li and her parents’ disappearance and Samuel Haskell’s arrest.

The community, once accustomed to the lively presence of Mei Li and her family, now grapples with shock and confusion. Elle Benami expressed the difficulty of explaining the situation to her own children, highlighting the proximity of the unsettling events to their homes.

The unfolding investigation leaves the Tarzana neighborhood on edge, awaiting official updates and answers regarding the fate of Mei Li Haskell and her parents.

As law enforcement continues to piece together the details, the community remains united in support, hoping for a resolution to the mystery that has gripped their once-peaceful surroundings.

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