More Young Americans Embrace Doomsday Prepping Amid Election and Disaster Fears

Young Americans are taking doomsday preparations seriously, driven by fears of societal collapse or a lackluster response to natural disasters. 

Gen-Z, comprising adults born after 1997, is leading the way, with a staggering 40 percent admitting to spending money on doomsday supplies in the past year.

The survey, which collected responses from 2,179 US adults between January 9 and February 17, carries a two percent margin of error. 

Participants were asked whether they had invested in emergency preparedness items in the last twelve months.

Among all generations, the most commonly purchased prepping items were food and water, while 20 percent of Gen-Z preppers stockpiled toilet paper. 

The survey reveals an important trend that indicates increasing worry among Americans. According to the data, 29 percent of respondents from various age groups have invested in prepping, indicating a substantial rise compared to the 25 percent recorded in 2017.

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2024 Election Spurs Doomsday Prepping Surge

Young Americans are taking doomsday preparations seriously, driven by fears of societal collapse or a lackluster response to natural disasters.

The 2024 presidential election appears to be a significant driver of this surge in doomsday prepping. Many individuals express concerns about potential civil unrest surrounding the election, while others worry about the government’s ability to respond effectively to major natural disasters.

The perception of what a doomsday prepper looks like has evolved over the years. Rowan Mackenzie, a 38-year-old prepper, constructed her own bunker at a cost of $75,000 and stocked it with supplies to prepare for a potential nuclear disaster. 

She emphasizes the importance of a “flawless” rotation system to minimize waste, and her supplies are expected to last up to 25 years. Mackenzie’s actions reflect a broader trend of individuals taking concrete steps to ensure their preparedness in today’s uncertain world.

Recent international conflicts, such as the outbreak of war in Israel and Palestine and ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, have further fueled the perception that being prepared for any scenario is crucial. 

Companies specializing in prep packs have reported increased sales and gained mainstream popularity, underscoring the growing interest in doomsday preparations among Americans.

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