More body parts have been found in the New York horror case that led to the arrest

Two people have been arrested in connection with the horrifying discovery of two bodies that had been cut up on Long Island in New York last week. On Tuesday, more body parts from the victims were found.

Police sources told Fox 5 New York and the New York Post that two people were handcuffed last night. This comes after several days of finding body parts, including two severed heads, near Babylon’s famous Southards Pond Park. On Thursday, a girl on her way to school was the first person to find it.

Two people were arrested at a home on Railroad Avenue in Amityville, New York, on Monday. Police were still searching the home Tuesday afternoon, sources in the police force told The Post.

The names of the suspects and the charges against them have not been made public.

Police from Suffolk County would not confirm the arrests with Fox News Digital, but they did say that yesterday a search warrant was carried out at 25 Railroad Ave. in Amityville. During the search of the land, no human remains were found.

Fox News Digital has been told by the cops that more human remains were found on Tuesday.

In West Babylon, body parts were found in the woods across from 103 Lakeway Drive. Remains were also found at Bethpage State Park.

Police say they think the bodies found in West Babylon and Bethpage belong to the same people who were found on February 29.

The woman who was hurt is thought to be 59 years old, but her name is being kept secret until her family is notified.

Police say they think the man was 53 years old when he died.

On Thursday, several body parts were found on Long Island, New York.

The last place they were known to live was in Yonkers, New York. However, cops say it’s not clear when they last lived there.

Police say that these are one-off events that don’t put the public in danger.

A neighbor told the Post that at about 10:30 p.m. last night, she saw cops break down the door of the Amityville home.

“They had broken down the door, and there were a lot of people standing inside the house, including police talking to my neighbors.” She said, “They had already taken some people away.”

The woman said she didn’t know much about the neighbors except that they rent and work nights and have a lot of people living with them.

A young girl on her way to school on Thursday found a cut arm on the side of the road on the east side of Southards Pond Park. This was the first of many horrifying finds that day.

It led the cops to search the area and find more body parts, including the man’s right arm and leg.

Police in New York City found the severed heads of a woman, her leg, and her arm late Thursday night. The man’s chopped head was also found, according to the New York Post. The police did not say what parts of bodies they found today.

The notorious Bloods street gang and 31 of its members and associates were charged last month in a 103-count indictment with terrorizing Long Islanders with thefts and shootings, including the death of a schoolteacher who was shot when her car was mistaken for a rival gang member’s.

It’s not clear, though, if Thursday’s find has anything to do with the gang fighting in the area.

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