Modern ambulatory care center being opened by NYU Langone Health in Florida

NYU Langone Health, a name synonymous with top-tier medical services, has unveiled plans to enhance its footprint with a groundbreaking ambulatory care center in South Florida. This strategic expansion, slated for 2026, marks a significant milestone for the healthcare titan, thanks to a generous $75 million donation from the Julia Koch Family Foundation.

The new facility, positioned at the heart of West Palm Beach on 324 Datura Street, represents NYU Langone’s commitment to addressing the growing healthcare demands of Florida’s residents and seasonal visitors alike. This initiative isn’t just about geographical expansion; it’s a testament to NYU Langone’s unwavering dedication to setting a universal benchmark in patient care and medical innovation.

Spanning eight stories, the state-of-the-art center is a beacon of modern healthcare, designed to accommodate 50 physicians and cater to around 150,000 patients annually. The 77,000-square-foot clinical space is a hub for on-demand specialty care, encompassing a diverse range of services from internal medicine and primary care to oncology and pain management.

This broad spectrum of services ensures comprehensive care under one roof, promoting convenience and accessibility for patients.

The decision to establish a new outpost in Florida is a response to the increasing number of New Yorkers relocating or wintering in the Sunshine State. Since NYU Langone’s initial foray into Florida in 2017, the demand for its distinguished care has surged, a trend that the new center aims to meet head-on.

“Since our arrival in 2017, demand continues to grow in Florida for the exceptional care our teams are already known for in New York,” stated Robert I. Grossman, MD, CEO of NYU Langone and dean of NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

The facility isn’t just a medical center; it’s a vision brought to life by the remarkable benevolence of the Julia Koch Family Foundation. This foundation, established in 2023, focuses on funding transformative projects in healthcare, education, and the arts.

The collaboration between NYU Langone and the foundation underscores a shared commitment to fostering a healthier future through cutting-edge research, education, and patient care.

Julia Koch expressed admiration for NYU Langone’s transformation over the past two decades, highlighting its growing outpatient network’s role in enhancing healthcare accessibility through innovative research and medical education. This partnership promises to extend NYU Langone’s exemplary standards to a wider audience, ensuring more individuals have access to premier medical services.

Once operational, the new center will offer an exhaustive range of services, including full-service radiology and imaging, ambulatory surgery, endoscopy suites, and physical therapy. This expansion not only broadens NYU Langone’s clinical offerings but also reinforces its position as a leader in the healthcare sector.

NYU Langone’s integration of six inpatient locations and over 300 outpatient sites, connected through an advanced electronic health record system, the NYU Langone Health app, and the MyChart patient portal, exemplifies its commitment to seamless, patient-centered care. The new Florida facility will further this mission, ensuring that patients receive the same high standard of care they would in New York.

The establishment of the new ambulatory care center in West Palm Beach is more than just an expansion; it’s a symbol of NYU Langone Health’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its dedication to meeting the evolving healthcare needs of communities across the United States. As NYU Langone continues to grow, its roots in patient-first care remain steadfast, promising a brighter, healthier future for all.

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