Missing Pregnant Teen Found Dead in South Carolina, Family Demands Justice

A pregnant teenager who was reported missing has been discovered dead in South Carolina, as per reports.

Police confirmed and WACH Fox 57, News 12, and WSBTV Atlanta 2 reported finding the body of 17-year-old Maylashia Hogg, who was nine months pregnant, in Barnwell County, S.C., at around 3:45 p.m. on Sunday.

The lifeless body of a Barnwell High School student, who was eagerly anticipating the arrival of her baby girl, was discovered less than a half-mile from her residence. The family, as reported by various sources, indicated that 18-year-old [Victim’s Name], due to give birth on February 14, had already chosen the name London Charity for her daughter, in loving memory of her late mother who passed away a year-and-a-half ago.

Expressing their grief, the victim’s cousin, Robert Payne, stated, “Whoever did it needs to be in jail. She was only a child. A child with a child.” The family, grappling with the tragic loss, insists that foul play is involved in this distressing incident.

Victim was reported missing on February 8 by her aunt, who, concerned by the lack of police response, sought assistance from Kimberly Kite, an investigative researcher associated with the Broken Link Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to locating missing individuals. 

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Missing Teen’s Ambitious Plans Cut Shor


Kite emphasized the importance of heeding family reports in such cases, stating, “When a family reports a loved one missing, police have got to listen to the family.”

The apprehension escalated when Victim failed to attend her scheduled induction appointment on February 13. Despite the family’s efforts and outreach to law enforcement, there was no breakthrough in the search for the missing teenager.

The young mother-to-be had ambitious plans for her future, intending to return to school after childbirth and pursue studies to become a nurse, according to her aunt.

A poignant memorial was conducted on Monday at the location where [Victim’s Name] and her unborn daughter were discovered. As the community mourns the loss, an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday to determine the exact circumstances of the tragedy.

As of now, no suspects have been identified in this distressing case. Authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise of the victim. Updates on the investigation will follow as they become available.

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