Minnesota’s Stimulus Update: Anticipate Up to $1,300 Direct Payments by September’s End

By the end of September, thousands of Minnesotans will receive one-time direct payments from the state, each worth up to $1,300 per family.

The state Department of Revenue in Minnesota announced that it began paying out property tax rebates in August and that all payments should begin by the end of September. The cheques are a part of the Governor Tim Walz (D-MN) signed statute that creates the state’s multibillion-dollar budget excess .

The $2 million one-time tax rebate will be immediately distributed by check or direct deposit, depending on Minnesotans’ 2021 income tax filings.

Paul Marquart, the revenue commissioner, stated that this reimbursement “will help millions of Minnesotans pay for everyday expenses such as groceries, school supplies, rent, or child care.” We anticipate getting payments out in the early fall because we are confident that many people will find it to be of great value.

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2021 Rebate for Residents


The one-time rebate was available to any Minnesotans who resided in the state in 2021 and submitted an income tax return or property tax refund.

For married couples filing jointly, the adjusted gross income threshold is $150,000 or less; for solo filers, it is $75,000 or less.

Sole filers will earn $260, married couples will receive $520, and there will be an additional $260 for each additional dependent up to three, giving married couples with the most dependents a potential benefit of $1,300.

Taxpayers cannot track the status of their rebate because there was no application for this rebate payment, and it is being handled outside of the usual mechanism by which the state processes tax refunds.

If the rebate isn’t sent out by October, state officials advise customers who are anticipating a payout to get in touch with the department’s customer care division.

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Source:Washington Examiner

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