Meta Elevates Chatbot Interactions with Personality-Infused AI

Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, has made an exciting announcement about its Messenger service, revealing a new fleet of chatbots designed to bring personality and expertise to conversations. 

This development marks the latest chapter in the ongoing chatbot arms race, as tech companies strive to create more accurate and personalized artificial intelligence experiences.

The chatbots, which are still a work in progress, are set to specialize in various subjects, offering users insights and assistance on topics ranging from holidays to cooking advice. 

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, these chatbots have incredible potential but come with some limitations.

Speaking at Meta’s first in-person event in California since before the pandemic, Zuckerberg highlighted the company’s significant progress in artificial intelligence over the past year. 

The company’s main chatbot, dubbed ‘Meta AI,’ will be at the forefront of this AI revolution. 

Users can engage with Meta AI in conversations, seeking answers to queries or settling friendly arguments.

It’s important to note that Meta AI is based on Llama 2, the company’s large language model that became publicly available for commercial use in July. 

What sets these chatbots apart is their aim to provide entertainment and information. 

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Meta Celebrity-Powered Chatbots: Entertaining the Future of AI

Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that these chatbots won’t merely answer questions; they will also offer a unique and entertaining experience. 

To achieve this, Meta has enlisted the help of celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner, who will lend their personalities to different chatbots.

For example, NFL star Tom Brady will play the role of ‘Bru,’ a wisecracking sports debater, while YouTube sensation MrBeast will be ‘Zach,’ a prominent brother figure known for his humorous roasts.

However, Zuckerberg acknowledged that there are still limitations to what these chatbots can do, and their capabilities will evolve.

These chatbots will begin rolling out in the coming days, with an initial launch limited to the United States.

In addition to the chatbot news, Mark Zuckerberg also discussed Meta’s investment in the metaverse, a virtual world concept in which the company has heavily invested. 

They introduced the Quest 3, a mixed-reality headset with forward-facing cameras for augmented-reality experiences. 

While Meta is determined to make strides in the metaverse, their VR division has faced significant losses recently.

Meta’s Quest 3 is positioned as a more affordable mixed-reality headset for the mainstream market, competing with Apple’s Vision Pro. 

Meta’s emphasis on affordability could reinvigorate the VR sector.

In a coincidental development on the same day, rival OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, announced that its ChatGPT chatbot can now browse the internet to provide users with up-to-date information, expanding its capabilities beyond its previous training data until September 2021. 

This indicates the continued evolution of AI-driven chatbots across the tech industry.

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Source: BBC

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