Mays Landing, NJ Residents of Hamilton Greene Are Warned To Lock Their Car Doors

Residents of the Hamilton Greene apartment complex in Mays Landing, NJ, are being alerted to an increased risk of car break-ins, as evidenced by recent reports and incidents in the area. This situation has raised concerns about vehicle security and personal property safety within the community.

The issue first came to light through several eyewitness accounts and the evidence captured by personal security cameras. These sources indicated suspicious activities involving individuals attempting to forcibly enter parked cars within the Hamilton Greene complex.

Such activities were observed in various parts of the complex, including both the Glades side and the original side.

In response to these alarming developments, the Hamilton Township Police Department has been actively involved in issuing warnings to the residents. They have provided crucial safety tips and preventative measures to help car owners secure their vehicles against potential thefts and break-ins. Key recommendations from the police include:

  1. Never Leave Keys in the Vehicle: One of the primary pieces of advice is to always take the keys with you and not leave them in the car. This is crucial even if you plan to be away from the car only for a brief period.
  2. Lock Your Car Doors Consistently: Ensuring that car doors are locked at all times is a simple yet effective way to deter would-be thieves.
  3. Park in Well-Lit Areas: Choosing to park in areas with good lighting can reduce the risk of your car becoming a target for break-ins. Well-lit spaces are generally less appealing to criminals.
  4. Hide Valuables from Sight: Keeping valuables out of sight can decrease the likelihood of your car being broken into. Visible items can tempt thieves to investigate further.

This ongoing situation in Hamilton Greene highlights a broader trend of increased vehicle break-ins in the area. The warnings from the police are part of their effort to increase awareness and encourage residents to adopt safer practices to protect their property.

The emphasis is on vigilance and proactive measures to minimize the risk of falling victim to such criminal activities.

In summary, the residents of Hamilton Greene are being urged to remain alert and follow the safety guidelines issued by the police. By taking these precautionary steps, individuals can play a crucial role in safeguarding their vehicles and contributing to the overall security of the community​

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