Man Who Fatally Stabbed Ex-Girlfriend’s Partner, Fled to London, Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

A convicted criminal who fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s new partner in a public setting before escaping to London has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

In August of last year, Daniel Micska, a father of two, was stabbed in the chest by Daniel Balazs, 21, of Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Daniel’s life was cut short as Balazs, the assailant, claimed self-defense, prompting a swift trial at Sheffield Crown Court. 

Neighbors, witnessing the tragic scene, valiantly attempted to save Daniel’s life, rushing him to the hospital. However, despite their efforts, he was pronounced dead approximately 40 minutes after the brutal attack.

Balazs, the perpetrator, fled the scene and sought refuge in London before ultimately surrendering to authorities. 

The jury deliberated for a mere 50 minutes before finding Balazs guilty of murder. This week, he was handed a minimum 20-year prison sentence.

In an emotional statement released by the police, Daniel’s grieving family expressed their profound loss. Daniel, a loving brother and father, left behind two young children, whose fatherless upbringing now looms ahead. 

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CCTV Footage Reveals Brutal Stabbing

A convicted criminal who fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s new partner in a public setting before escaping to London has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The family acknowledged the verdict, understanding that it wouldn’t bring Daniel back but expressing gratitude for the support and justice received throughout the investigation.

CCTV footage, crucial in the court proceedings, depicted Balazs arriving at Stanstead airport in the company of his sister on August 2 of the previous year. 

On August 9, the night of the fatal attack, additional footage captured Balazs approaching Pinder Oaks Street in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Near the victim’s former residence on Lancaster Street, he reportedly whistled towards the property.

Shortly after, Balazs approached Daniel’s cousin’s home, initiating a tragic sequence of events. Recognizing Balazs, a relative confronted him on the street. 

Simultaneously, Daniel and another cousin joined the confrontation. Balazs sprinted towards Daniel, stabbing him in the chest as he attempted to retreat inside the house.

CCTV evidence captured Balazs fleeing the scene after leaving Daniel fatally wounded. Detective Inspector Matt Bolger from South Yorkshire Police emphasized the brutality and cowardice displayed by Balazs, disputing his claim of self-defense. 

Balazs had previously admitted to possessing a bladed article, which led to a 12-month jail term to be served concurrently with his murder sentence. 

This unfortunate event serves as a solemn reminder of the impact of violence and the lasting anguish endured by the victim’s loved ones.

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