Madison County gains 25 residents every day, making it the second-largest county in Alabama

In a notable shift within Alabama’s demographic landscape, Madison County has emerged as the state’s second-largest county, surpassing Mobile County. This development is part of a broader pattern of population growth across many Alabama counties, yet Madison County stands out for its significant daily increase in residents.

As of the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates, Madison County’s population has reached an impressive 412,600. This growth marks a significant milestone, as the county surpasses Mobile County’s population of 411,640. The contrast in growth rates between the two counties is stark: Madison County enjoys a robust increase of approximately 25 new residents each day, while Mobile County sees a more modest growth of about one person per day in 2023.

This demographic shift is particularly pronounced in the city of Huntsville, located within Madison County. Huntsville has been experiencing a rapid population increase for over a decade, a trend that does not come as a surprise to local officials.

Rob Buddo, President and CEO of Downtown Huntsville, Inc., attributes this growth to the concentration of lucrative job opportunities in sectors such as defense, aerospace, engineering, and automotive industries. “Once folks see the jobs available and visit the areas in Huntsville and Madison, they recognize the high quality of life here,” Buddo explained to

Despite Madison County’s ascent, Jefferson County remains Alabama’s most populous, housing 662,895 residents. However, it has seen a decline, losing approximately six residents per day in the last year, resulting in a total loss of just over 2,000 people since 2022.

Adjacent to Madison, Limestone County is experiencing the fastest growth rate in the state, with a 3.4% increase. This translates to an addition of roughly 10 people per day last year, signifying an over 10% population increase since the 2020 Census.

Furthermore, Baldwin County is not far behind in terms of growth, with a 2.8% increase in 2023 and a total growth of about 9% since the 2020 Census. The county added around 19 people per day in 2023, highlighting its appeal as an emerging growth area within the state.

The population trends in Madison County and its neighboring areas reflect a dynamic shift in Alabama’s demographic landscape. The influx of residents in Madison County is indicative of the attractive job market and high quality of life offered, setting a precedent for growth and development within the region.

As Alabama continues to evolve, the implications of these demographic shifts on local economies, housing markets, and community services will be significant, shaping the state’s future in the years to come.

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