Los Angeles Duo Arrested in Mexico for Boyle Heights Freeway Shooting

In a significant development, a Los Angeles couple has been apprehended in Mexico and subsequently extradited to Southern California. They are facing serious legal charges stemming from their involvement in a freeway shooting incident that occurred last year in Boyle Heights.

The individuals in question, 23-year-old Lorraine Covarrubias and 25-year-old Robert Sarabia, have been implicated in a dangerous altercation that took place on the morning of December 19 on the 10 Freeway, just east of Soto Street.

The incident, as detailed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), led to a distressing scene where two men were found with gunshot injuries in a white Honda Accord parked on the freeway’s shoulder.

The early hours of the incident, occurring just before 5 a.m., saw a swift response from both CHP officers and the Los Angeles County Fire Department. However, the aftermath turned into a manhunt when Covarrubias and Sarabia, identified as the alleged assailants, fled the United States shortly after, on December 23.

Their time on the run came to an end recently when authorities located and arrested them in Rosarito, a coastal city in Baja California, Mexico. Following their arrest, they were extradited back to the U.S., where they now face the consequences of their actions.

Lorraine Covarrubias has been charged with attempted murder, a grave accusation that speaks to the severity of the shooting incident. On the other hand, Robert Sarabia faces charges of being an accessory after the fact. Adding to his legal woes, Sarabia is also being detained without bail on an unrelated warrant, underscoring the complexity of his legal troubles.

Both suspects are currently held at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s facilities, with Sarabia specifically housed at the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic. Despite these developments, official court appearance information was not available at the time of reporting.

This case underscores the relentless efforts of law enforcement to pursue and apprehend individuals accused of violent crimes, ensuring they face judicial proceedings.

The extradition from Mexico marks a significant step in addressing the freeway shooting incident, offering a semblance of justice to the victims and the community affected by this act of violence.

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