Kathy Hochul Acts: 18,000 New Jobs for Asylum Seekers in NY as Migrant Population Tops 125,000

Governor Kathy Hochul has taken significant steps to address the accompanying challenges. 

New York City is grappling with an unprecedented influx of more than 125,000 individuals, predominantly asylum seekers and migrants. 

On Monday, Governor Hochul announced a groundbreaking initiative to create 18,000 job opportunities for eligible asylum seekers and migrants across the state.

The New York State Department of Labor has meticulously identified over 18,000 private-sector job openings within 379 companies throughout the state. 

These employers have shown their commitment to hiring individuals with legal work status. The assessment and outreach for these job opportunities commenced on August 24, reflecting the situation’s urgency.

The breakdown of these job openings reveals a diverse range of opportunities. Approximately 24% of the positions are in accommodation and food services, offered by 90 businesses. 

Another 21% are in healthcare and social assistance, with 79 companies participating. 

Manufacturing accounts for 10% of the openings across 38 firms, and administrative support positions represent 8%, distributed among 29 businesses.

Governor Hochul emphasized the need to address the issue, stating, “We have to manage the fact that there are 125,000 people right now who have not been eligible to work and have relied on public support for housing. That is not a sustainable dynamic in the long term.” 

She called on more businesses to join the effort, recognizing that the current assistance measures are not sufficient to meet the growing demands of migrants arriving from various parts of the world.

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Governor Hochul Seeks Federal Aid for NYC’s Migrant Crisis

Governor Hochul also emphasized the requirement for federal assistance to provide work authorizations for a broader spectrum of people outside of Venezuelans who qualify.

She pointed out that more thorough controls and solutions are required due to the influx of individuals from Mauritania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South and Central America, West Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia, who have all managed to reach the southern border.

This initiative seems to align with Mayor Eric Adams’ efforts to address the migrant crisis to reduce the burden on New York City. 

The identified job openings are spread across different state regions, including the Capital Region, Central Region, Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Long Island, Mohawk Valley, North Country, Southern Tier, and Western Region.

New York City, which has the highest concentration of job openings for eligible asylum seekers, will provide 9,801 positions. 

Meanwhile, despite local opposition, the Hudson Valley and Long Island regions have also committed to delivering 2,896 and 1,294 job openings, respectively.

While Governor Hochul’s initiative received praise from some quarters, it also faced criticism, with some accusing her of incentivizing illegal immigration. 

However, she stressed the importance of solving the crisis comprehensively.

Governor Hochul applauded the Biden administration’s recent decision to grant temporary protective status and expedite work authorizations for Venezuelans. 

She estimated that more than 15,000 Venezuelan individuals would attain legal work status within 30 days due to this action.

As New York grapples with the ongoing migrant crisis, Governor Hochul and her administration remain committed to finding viable solutions to ensure the welfare and integration of these newcomers into the state’s workforce and society.

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Source: Fox News

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