Joe Biden’s Polling Troubles: 10-Point Deficit to Trump Amidst a Week of Setbacks

A recent Washington Post survey showed a sharp drop in President Joe Biden’s popularity ratings and a surprising rise in support for former President Donald Trump among registered voters.

President Biden, now 80 years old, finds himself with an approval rating of approximately 37 percent, a figure nearly identical to his rating in May but notably lower by five percentage points compared to February. 

The poll also inquired about retrospectively approving or disapproving of Trump’s presidency. Surprisingly, 48 percent of respondents now approve of the job Trump did while in office, compared to 49 percent who disapprove. 

This marks a slight increase in approval since Trump left office in January 2021, when his rating was closer to 38 percent.

Among registered voters, Trump currently holds a commanding lead, polling ten percentage points ahead of Biden, with 52 percent favoring Trump and 42 percent supporting Biden. 

This shift in voter sentiment indicates a potential resurgence of Trump’s political influence.

However, Biden’s persistently low approval ratings should not be underestimated.

The poll results come on the heels of a challenging week for President Biden, characterized by blunders. 

During a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, he mispronounced rapper LL Cool J’s name and used a derogatory term, ‘boy,’ widely considered offensive within the black community. 

These missteps have only added to concerns about Biden’s ability to communicate effectively.

Within the Republican Party, Trump’s popularity remains strong, with 54 percent of Republicans favoring him. 

This contrasts sharply with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has seen his support drop from 25 percent to 15 percent since May. 

Trump’s continued dominance in the GOP diminishes any notion of a viable challenger within the party.

Despite facing a staggering 91 felony counts across four indictments, Trump’s poll numbers have remained unchanged. 

In the Washington Post poll, 53 percent of respondents believe he is being held accountable under the law. 

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President Biden’s Approval Woes and Trump’s Resurgence: A Detailed Analysis

In comparison, 40 percent, including a significant three-quarters of Republicans, argue that he is unfairly victimized.

President Biden’s policy record is also under scrutiny, with his approval rating on economic handling plummeting to 30 percent, marking the lowest point of his presidency. 

The survey reveals widespread discontent with the economy, with 75 percent of Americans rating it as ‘not so good’ or ‘poor.’ 

Similarly, 87 percent express dissatisfaction with gas and energy prices, while 91 percent find food prices concerning.

Biden’s handling of migration issues garners a mere 23 percent approval from Americans, while 62 percent disapprove. 

The poll also captures shifting sentiments regarding the war in Ukraine, with 41 percent believing the US is overcommitting in its assistance, while 31 percent view the level of support as appropriate, and 14 percent see it as insufficient.

As the specter of a government shutdown looms, 40 percent of respondents blame Biden and the Democrats, while 33 percent hold Republicans in Congress responsible, underscoring the partisan divide.

Delving into the poll’s Trump/Biden matchup, it becomes evident that Trump is gaining ground among various demographics. 

Men favor Trump by a significant margin of 62 percent to 32 percent, marking a substantial shift from a 16-point margin just four months ago. 

Trump also leads by 20 points among voters under age 35 and among those who did not vote in 2020, representing roughly 15 percent of registered voters.

Finally, nearly 50 percent of Americans believe both Trump and Biden are too old to serve another term, while 25 percent believe neither is too old.

The Washington Post’s poll reveals a challenging landscape for President Biden, with declining approval ratings and a resurgent Trump. 

The political dynamics leading into the next election season are marked by uncertainty and shifting sentiments.

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Source: Daily Mail

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