Illinois Congressman Advocates for Migrant Contributions to Economic Growth Amid Opposition

Immigrants, according to an Illinois-based Democratic congressman, are essential to the expansion of the US economy.

Rep. Mike Quigley’s (D-IL) remarks come at a time when citizens of significant American cities, such as Chicago, New York City, and Washington D.C., are refusing to accept migrants who have been transported from the Southern border — a strategy used by Republican governors to try and catch President Joe Biden’s attention in order to secure the border.

Without immigrants, according to Quigley, the United States would not be where it is now.

Major American cities have experienced an influx of migrants coming across the border, and even local Democrats have expressed alarm about the issue. Karen Bass, the mayor of Los Angeles, has expressed her concern that the city will “any day.” be inundated with more immigrants than it can handle.

The expanding migrant population in the city, according to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, will “destroy” the metropolis.

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Migrant Population Debate


He asserted that the White House had given “no support” in dealing with the city’s increasing migrant population. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was also called to as a “madman” by Adams for busing undocumented residents to sanctuary cities.

Similar to this, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City claimed that the city’s increasing migrant population will “destroy” the metropolis. With relation to the city’s increasing migrant population, he asserted that the White House had offered “no support.”

Adams also called Gov. Greg Abbott (R) a “madman” for busing undocumented residents to sanctuary towns.

The recent arrest of Danelo Cavalcante was used as evidence by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) in his demand that Biden do everything in his power to protect the southern border.

Cavalcante, a first-degree murderer who was just apprehended by Pennsylvania police, provided the United States with “a glimpse” of the security challenges Texas has faced.

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Source:Washington Examiner

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