How to take advantage of McDonald’s limited-time offer to get free food if you live in California

In an exciting development for fast food enthusiasts, McDonald’s has launched a compelling offer exclusively for residents of California, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy free food.

This limited-time promotion, aptly titled “Deal Days,” is set to run on Thursdays throughout February and March. It presents a straightforward yet enticing proposition: customers who utilize the McDonald’s app can indulge in select free items, given they make a minimum purchase of $1.

The initiative kicked off on February 15, with the Double Cheeseburger being the inaugural complimentary item. This gesture not only rewards existing customers but also attracts new users to the McDonald’s mobile app, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

As the promotion unfolds, the variety of free items available on subsequent Thursdays is diverse, ensuring there’s something for every palate. The schedule for the free items is as follows:

  • Feb. 22: Sausage McMuffin with Egg, offering a savory start to the day.
  • Feb. 29: Big Mac, catering to the classic burger aficionado.
  • March 7: Happy Meal, a delightful treat for the younger audience or those young at heart.
  • March 14: Sausage McMuffin with Egg, making a return for breakfast lovers.
  • March 21: 6pc. Chicken McNuggets, a favorite for fans of McDonald’s iconic chicken offerings.

In addition to these weekly giveaways, California app users can benefit from two more promotional offers. There is a 20% discount on any order exceeding $10 when using Mobile Order & Pay, alongside a waiver of the delivery fee for orders above $15.

These incentives are designed to increase app usage and encourage higher average order values, further boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, McDonald’s is reintroducing “Filet-o-Fish Fridays,” a special deal allowing the purchase of the fish sandwich for $2.99 every Friday at participating restaurants in Southern California.

For app users, this iconic sandwich is even more accessible at a reduced price of $2.50, amplifying the allure of the McDonald’s app as a must-have for exclusive deals and savings.

This series of promotions, culminating on March 29, is a strategic move by McDonald’s to enhance its digital footprint and drive customer engagement through the mobile app.

By offering a mix of free items and discounts, McDonald’s not only incentivizes the use of its app but also reinforces its commitment to providing value to its customers. For Californians, these “Deal Days” represent a perfect blend of convenience, savings, and the joy of indulging in their McDonald’s favorites.

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