House Announces First Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Set for Next Thursday

Next Thursday, House Republicans will hold their first impeachment inquiry hearing to look into claims of corruption and abuse of authority against President Biden.

The House Oversight Committee, chaired by Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., is expected to subpoena Hunter and James Biden’s bank records this week. GOP senators believe that these documents would shed light on Biden’s suspected participation in his family’s business operations and help them go forward with their inquiry. 

The hearing next week will be the first since House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) formally launched an impeachment investigation last week. McCarthy delegated the inquiry to Comer and House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, as well as Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, R-Mo. 

The hearing will not necessarily break new ground. According to reliable sources, it will simply be a review of the current evidence and an explanation of the state of the investigation. 

Republicans, according to the White House, have no proof to back up their assertions, and the inquiry is a charade.

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White House Accuses GOP of Prejudgment in January 6 Probe; First House Oversight Hearing Set for September 28

On Tuesday, the White House escalated its assaults, claiming that the Republican strategy is to ‘declare guilt first, then sort out the “evidence” afterwards.’

A representative for the House Oversight Committee confirmed the first hearing on September 28.

‘On Thursday, September 28, the House Oversight Committee will hold its first hearing on the impeachment probe. 

‘The hearing will concentrate on constitutional and legal issues concerning the President’s role in corruption and misuse of public power.’

‘The Committee also plans to subpoena Hunter and James Biden’s personal and corporate financial records as soon as this week. 

‘The Oversight Committee will continue to pursue the facts and money trail in order to offer the openness and accountability that Americans expect from their government,’ said the statement.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy launched a formal impeachment investigation on President Biden last Tuesday for his alleged ties to Hunter’s business activities, which Republicans fear will have a long-term impact on his political career.

Hunter was charged on three felony charges for lying about his crack cocaine addiction when buying a pistol just days after the impeachment probe was announced.

A Delaware grand jury indicted him on three counts, including two counts of making false statements on his gun papers and one count of owning a handgun while addicted to illegal narcotics. 

Special Counsel U.S. Attorney David Weiss is leading the prosecution, and he is also investigating Hunter for tax evasion related to his international business operations. 

It’s a crushing blow for President Joe Biden, who has supported his son and is vying for reelection in 2024.

Republicans claim Hunter is guilty of further offenses and that Weiss’ indictment on the gun counts alone is inadequate.

If convicted on all counts, he faces a cumulative term of 25 years in jail, but federal penalties are often less than the maximum. Hunter may potentially face a $250,000 fine and three years on probation. 

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., who is spearheading an inquiry into the Biden family’s economic transactions, responded to the indictment by saying the allegations represent a’very tiny start.’

‘Unless and until United States Attorney Weiss investigates everyone engaged in the fraud schemes and influence peddling, it will be evident that President Biden’s DOJ is shielding Hunter Biden and the big man,’ he added.

After a five-year inquiry, the president’s son neared an agreement earlier this summer that would have enabled him to avoid trial on the guns charges if he followed parole requirements for 24 months.

Republicans in Washington grumbled that the president’s son had secured himself a’sweetheart deal’ to protect Vice President Biden.

However, the plea agreement collapsed catastrophically in court in July, exposing Hunter to fresh accusations.

Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the ‘diversion agreement’ of Hunter’s plea deal – a stipulation that granted him full immunity for a wide variety of additional potential offenses, including unlawful foreign lobbying – effectively destroying the accord.

Following greater scrutiny, Attorney General Merrick Garland promoted Weiss to special counsel rank in August.

Garland’s decision to elevate Weiss followed accusations by an IRS whistleblower that Hunter received’special treatment’ throughout the criminal investigation.

Under oath, IRS agents Joe Ziegler and Gary Shapley said to House Republicans that their investigation of the president’s son’supported felony and misdemeanor tax charges,’ which were ultimately dropped against Hunter due to political pressure.

Weiss allegedly attempted to file criminal charges against him in Washington, D.C., but was stopped by the district’s senior federal prosecutor, Matthew Graves, a Biden appointment.

The’special treatment’ for Hunter became a norm, according to the whistleblowers, who were informed they would be in ‘hot water’ if they attempted to talk with President Joe Biden’s adult children and grandkids during their inquiry.

Shapley also released handwritten notes from an October 2022 meeting in which he paraphrased Weiss as indicating he was ‘not the decision person’ on prosecuting Hunter Biden with tax offenses, raising concerns about the DOJ’s handling of the matter.

Hunter’s legal team filed a lawsuit Wednesday against IRS whistleblowers Shapley and Ziegler, saying they improperly made his tax information public.

The president’s son wants all of the records related to the publication of his tax information, as well as $1,000 for each improper disclosure and attorneys’ expenses. 

The failure of Hunter Biden’s first plea agreement caused further complications for his father, Joe Biden. 

They talked with Hunter’s ex-business partner Devon Archer as part of the GOP-led investigation, and he claimed that President Biden was aware of his son’s activities and sat in on at least 20 conversations and many dinners with his son’s business associates.

Furthermore, Republicans have discovered over a dozen shell businesses used by Hunter and at least 12 members of the Biden family to channel foreign money.

Joe Biden Used Private Email Addresses for Government Correspondence, Hunter Biden’s Laptop Reveals

According to emails discovered on Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop, Joe Biden utilized a variety of private email addresses from which he would occasionally write, receive, and forward government communications.

‘Robin Ware,’ ‘Robert L. Peters,’ and ‘JRB ware’ were three aliases used on emails discussing both official and personal matters.

As he embarks on the 2024 campaign trail, the president will face more headlines and inquiries about his drug-addicted son’s predicament.

The White House and the president have both stated that he was not involved in Hunter’s business transactions.

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Source: Fox News, Daily Mail

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