Gardening Guru Shares the Trend You Can’t Miss in the Coming Year

As the gardening community looks ahead to 2024, experts anticipate a continued focus on adapting to climate change and embracing sustainable practices. 

Versatile plants, resilient to weather extremes, are expected to take center stage, with a particular emphasis on those thriving in diverse conditions.

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Garden Trends 2024

As the gardening community looks ahead to 2024, experts anticipate a continued focus on adapting to climate change and embracing sustainable practices.

Sustainable Practices and Plastic Reduction

The war on plastics and the pursuit of peat-free growing will persist into the new year, according to Fiona Taylor, CEO of horticultural charity Garden Organic. 

Plastic reduction, especially in lawns, pots, compost, and packaging, is expected to remain a priority.

Versatile Plants and Biodiversity Focus

Renowned plantswoman Sarah Raven predicts a surge in popularity for versatile plants that can withstand various environmental challenges, emphasizing the resilience of flora such as rosemary, shrub roses, and certain annuals. 

Additionally, there will be a growing concentration on plants that support pollinators, with an increased focus on single, anemone-flowered, and collarette varieties.

Color Palette and Dark Hues

Garden expert Leigh Barnes forecasts a shift towards darker hues, including deep purples, rich reds, and moody blues in garden design. 

Dark foliage, intense shades, and vibrant contrasts are expected to dominate, creating visually striking landscapes.

Attention to Soil and Peat Reduction

Gardeners are becoming increasingly conscious of soil health, with a focus on mycorrhizae and mycorrhizal powders to enhance planting conditions. 

Catherine Dawson, Garden Organic trustee, predicts a continued shift away from peat, citing significant progress in retail growing media’s peat-free options.

Rewilding and Landscaping Trends

Sarah Raven suggests a preference for ‘wilding’ gardens, encouraging a relaxed approach without chemicals, embracing biodiversity. 

Mediterranean-themed landscaping, inspired by summer droughts, is anticipated, with an emphasis on water storage for preparedness. 

Additionally, natural lawns and organic lawn care methods are expected to gain traction, with less reliance on fertilizers and weedkillers.

Nostalgia and Colorful Designs

Interior landscape designer Ian Drummond envisions a shift towards maximalist, colorful designs in outdoor spaces, with hints of nostalgia. 

Chrysanthemums are predicted to make a comeback, offering vibrant colors in an unstructured and natural approach.

Edible Gardening and Mixing Ornamental Elements

The trend of growing one’s own produce will persist, driven not only by economic factors but also by the pleasure it brings. 

Gardeners will incorporate ornamental vegetables into flower borders, showcasing vibrant colors and architectural effects. 

Perennial vegetables are expected to gain popularity due to climate change and unpredictable weather patterns.

Natural Furniture and Sustainable Structures

Leigh Barnes anticipates a rise in the use of reclaimed or weathered wood structures in gardens, providing texture and neutral tones. 

Rust accents in frameworks, raised beds, water features, and other garden ornaments are expected to be popular, contributing to a sustainable and natural aesthetic.

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