From Side Gig to Six-Figure Success: How a 28-Year-Old Doubled His Income at $180 an Hour

Carter Osborne only desired to earn a little extra money.

He had no idea that helping high school seniors with their college application essays would turn his side business into a six-figure salary. In 2017, Osborne began the side business while pursuing his master’s in public administration at the University of Washington, which is only five minutes east of his current Seattle residence.

He had genuinely looked forward to his own college admission process because he was from a family of teachers.

Prior to applying to Stanford University, where he earned his undergraduate degree in political science, he had also visited with a consultant.

So he went back to that consultant for guidance on how to start his side business. He claims that she agreed to be his mentor and recommended three clients to him. According to Osborne, 28, the company has “snowballed” since that time.

He assisted 40 students with their college application essays in 2021. From the side business that year, he earned $113,550, according to the documents CNBC Make It examined.

According to Osborne, he invested about $50 to start his side business. All of his clients have been referred to him, so he doesn’t need to do any promotion, he says; his only costs are subscriptions to QuickBooks, Squarespace, and Zoom. The origins, aspirations, financial situations, and writing abilities of Osborne’s clientele are very diverse.

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Building Bridges to Success


His workload and income are therefore unpredictable. He regularly bills $180 per hour for his services, which he provides to pupils for anywhere between one and 25 hours at a time.

Osborne claims to be qualified to assist students in navigating this stress because of his experience working as a peer mental health counselor at Stanford University.

He makes an effort to lessen the overwhelming nature of the prompt at his initial encounter with clients.He once collaborated with a student who watched National Football League games every Sunday while also compiling data and sharing the results on a fantasy football Instagram account.

According to Osborne, the teen first hesitated to mention his pastime in his college application.

Osborne assisted the student in exploring his interest in fantasy football and how it would relate to his future academic endeavors. According to Osborne, the youngster was accepted to his top-choice institution.

Osborne states that he scaled back his side business last year to make room for “scaling up in life.”

He recently received a promotion at his regular work, and he and his girlfriend utilized the proceeds of his side business to purchase a home. He changed his schedule to accommodate everything, accepting fewer clients to avoid working on the weekends.

For both positions, he claims that working five days a week instead of seven has helped his concentration, memory, and mood. Furthermore, he can emotionally support pupils without compromising his own welfare.

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