Florida Man Faces Charges for Trying to Perform Unauthorized Circumcision on Toddler

A Florida man found himself behind bars after allegedly attempting to circumcise his 2-year-old cousin while babysitting him on Daytona beach. 

The incident has led to the arrest of Timothoes Powell, who now faces charges of aggravated child abuse. On October 17, while the toddler’s mother was at work, Powell was responsible for looking after his 2-year-old cousin. 

At the time, their grandparents were present in the home but were asleep during the incident, as per the Holly Hill Police Department. Around 7 p.m., Powell made a distressing call to the child’s mother, informing her that the boy was bleeding from his penis area as glass had entered his diaper.

The Florida man claimed to have tried to clean the area, which ultimately resulted in the child’s skin being cut. The child was promptly taken to a local hospital, where medical staff had to use glue to repair the injury.  Concerned about the nature of the injury and the potential for abuse, the hospital reported the incident to the police.

Surveillance cameras inside the residence provided crucial evidence.  The footage showed Powell changing the child’s diaper and then walking away with an unknown object in his hand. During this time, the toddler can be seen crying and distressed before Powell returns to put on the diaper.

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Florida Man Arrested for Attempted Circumcision

Additional video footage revealed Powell appearing “frustrated” as he handled the boy’s diaper. Other clips from that day suggested that Powell yelled at the child, sprayed him with a water bottle, and even threatened to use soap if the toddler did not remain quiet.

During the police investigation, Powell admitted that he noticed the boy was bleeding when he attempted to change the toddler’s diaper. The Florida man claimed that there must have been a piece of glass in the diaper and that his frustration led him to wipe the child too vigorously. Powell asserted that he did not intentionally cut the boy.

However, during the course of the investigation, an advanced practice nurse from the Child Protection Team (CPT) determined that the child’s injury was inconsistent with Powell’s explanation. 

The laceration on the boy’s groin area was described as “much too clean and precise to be accidental in any way.” A second opinion confirmed that the wound was not a typical skin tear and had been inflicted with intent.

The nurse stated that the injury appeared as if someone had attempted to circumcise the child. This assessment was backed by the Child Protection Team’s conclusion that Powell’s statements did not align with the boy’s injuries.

As a result, Timothoes Powell remains in custody at the Volusia County Branch Jail on a $100,000 bond, facing charges of aggravated child abuse.

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