Five Months of Headaches Uncover Shocking Discovery: Chopsticks Lodged in Man’s Brain

A 35-year-old man recently made a shocking discovery after enduring severe headaches for a prolonged period. To his astonishment, he learned that a pair of chopsticks had been lodged in his skull all along.

The unidentified patient sought medical help at Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi on November 25th, suffering from debilitating headaches, fluid discharge, and fluid loss, as reported by The Metro. 

Concerned doctors conducted CT scans, which revealed a rare and potentially life-threatening condition known as tension pneumocephalus. This neurological ailment is characterized by a dangerous increase in intracranial pressure.

A subsequent examination by Dr. Nguyen Van Man, the head of the Neurosurgery Department, unraveled the unusual cause of the man’s distress: a pair of chopsticks that had somehow penetrated through his nose and into his brain. Dubbing the case as “very rare,” Dr. Van Man led a team to extract the chopsticks safely.

The patient initially found himself baffled by the strange presence of eating utensils lodged in his skull. However, as memories resurfaced, he recalled a fight he was involved in five months ago during a night out in Vietnam, as reported by VN.

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Mystery Object in Face Baffles Doctors After Altercation

A 35-year-old man recently made a shocking discovery after enduring severe headaches for a prolonged period.

Though the details were hazy, he distinctly remembered being stabbed in the face with an unknown object. Surprisingly, when he visited the hospital shortly after the altercation, doctors did not detect any chopsticks or abnormality in his nose.

The patient believes that during the fateful brawl, he had been stabbed in the nose with the chopsticks, which remained undiscovered until now. 

Fortunately, medical professionals successfully removed the foreign objects through endoscopic surgery via the nose. To ensure further safety, microsurgery was performed to close a fistula, an irregular connection between an artery and vein in brain and spinal cord tissue.

Currently, the patient is in stable condition and awaits discharge from the hospital, relieved from the months-long ordeal of severe headaches caused by the strange and unexpected presence of chopsticks in his skull. 

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