Fake Joe Biden Robocall Attempts to Suppress Democratic Turnout in Primary

A suspicious robocall targeting New Hampshire voters has stirred controversy, purportedly featuring the voice of President Joe Biden. 

The call, delivered two days prior to the New Hampshire primary, urges voters to save their ballots for the November election to support Democrats and cautions against voting in the primary, alleging it would benefit Republicans and Donald Trump.

However, investigations revealed that the call was a fabrication, as the Biden campaign confirmed that President Biden did not record the message. 

The recording included a contact number, which, upon investigation, led to Kathleen Sullivan, the treasurer of Granite for America, a political action committee advocating for Democrats to write in Biden’s name on the primary ballot.

Sullivan reported receiving multiple calls from unfamiliar numbers on January 21, prompting her to file a complaint with the state attorney general’s office on January 22. 

In response, the attorney general’s office issued a statement announcing an investigation into the “artificially generated” call, deeming it a potential attempt to disrupt the primary and suppress voters.

The attorney general emphasized that spreading disinformation to suppress voting is a serious offense in New Hampshire, carrying felony charges. The investigation aims to determine the source of the deceptive robocall and assess its impact on the democratic process.

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Biden-Harris Condemns Robocall Amid NH Election Probe

A suspicious robocall targeting New Hampshire voters has stirred controversy, purportedly featuring the voice of President Joe Biden.

The Biden-Harris campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, condemned the act, stating that fighting against attempts to undermine democracy remains a top priority for the campaign. 

The campaign urged affected individuals to report the robocall by emailing the Justice Department’s Election Law Unit.

Notably, President Biden’s name will not appear on the primary ballot due to the Democratic National Committee’s decision to prioritize South Carolina for the first primary in 2024. 

New Hampshire, traditionally the first-in-the-nation primary state, has a state law requiring it to hold the primary first, even though it won’t allocate delegates for the presidential nomination this year.

As technology advances, concerns about deceptive practices, including deepfakes, voice cloning, and artificial intelligence tools, manipulating political discourse have grown. 

Experts have warned of potential influence operations by foreign adversaries utilizing these tools to create misleading content and manipulate public opinion.

The New Hampshire attorney general’s investigation is focused on addressing a deceptive robocall and its potential impact on the democratic process. 

It underscores the importance of protecting the integrity of elections from fraudulent and misleading information.

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