Extraordinary Discovery: Exploring the Encounter with ‘Alien Bodies’ in Mexico

Jaime Maussan, a journalist from Mexico who has long been interested in UFOs, considers them to be one of the most significant scientific discoveries in human history.

But, many scientists believe that these two small mummified bodies, whose photographs were broadcast around the world last week when they were presented to Mexico’s Congress, are a hoax that has previously been disproved and may even be illegal.

The two locked boxes with glass lids containing the bodies are carefully carried by staff members at Maussan’s office into a green-screened studio, where Reuters got exclusive access on Friday. The office is located in the Santa Fe commercial district of Mexico City.

Everyone gathers together for a closer look. The bodies resemble those of early humans and had two eyes, a mouth, two arms, and two legs. Maussan asserts that they were discovered in or around 2017 in Peru, close to the ancient Nazca Lines.

He claims he can demonstrate that they are unheard of on Earth.

He posted scientific research and study findings, which he claims demonstrate that the bodies are around 1,000 years old and unrelated to any species known to exist on Earth, on social media and throughout the hearing.

The NASA report into unexplained abnormal occurrences was chaired by David Spergel, a former director of the astrophysics department at Princeton University.

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Science vs. Speculation


Spergel stated on Thursday that such samples ought to be made available for examination by the international scientific community. Controversy is not new to Maussan. He has already made assertions regarding other remains that have drawn harsh criticism.

He took part in a 2017 television broadcast on additional remains discovered close to the Nazca Lines, which specialists like Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi and Tomasto-Cagigao have said may have doctored mummies.

He has now enraged Peruvian authorities.

Leslie Urteaga, the minister of culture for Peru, has questioned how the samples, which she claims are pre-Hispanic artifacts, departed Peru and claims a criminal complaint has been made.

He claims he is unable to address the question of how the remains got to Mexico. They are in the possession of a Mexican guy who visited Maussan’s office on Friday and who declined to give his name. Maussan borrowed them for the hearing.

The man just said that he would explain everything “at the appropriate time.” in response to the question of how the bodies, whom he called Clara and Mauricio, came to be in his custody.

The testimony of José de Jesus Zalce Benitez, Director of the Secretary of the Navy’s Health Sciences Research Institute, at the congressional hearing supported Maussan’s accusations. He invited them to sit down with him in his office and then gently explained how he saw the science.

He said that they were unrelated to what was currently known or characterized by science or human understanding based on DNA tests, which were compared with more than one million species.

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