Encountering the Notorious 400 lb. Serial Killer Who Sold Disturbing Hamburger Meat in the 90’s

Joseph Metheny, a notorious serial killer infamous for his heinous acts, expressed remorseless words that leave no room for redemption: “The words ‘I’m sorry’ shall forever remain confined within me, as their utterance would be nothing but a deceitful fabrication.” 

The individual expressed a strong willingness to accept the consequences of their actions, stating that they are prepared to sacrifice their life and face divine judgment, potentially resulting in eternal damnation. 

These statements offer insight into the evil and perverse mind of the individual accountable for a succession of repulsive homicides and unjustifiable actions.

Metheny’s upbringing was marked by deception and a troubled past. He was stationed in Germany while serving in the Army, but he afterwards claimed to have been in Vietnam, but later claimed to have been in Vietnam, revealing the beginnings of his descent into heroin addiction

His mother attributed his downfall to drugs, describing them as the worst thing that ever happened to him. Yet, drugs were just one aspect of Metheny’s troubled life.

By 1994, Metheny was working as a truck driver. However, his life took a devastating turn when his girlfriend left him, taking their young son with her. His anger and frustration grew, leading him down a dark path. Standing at 6’1″ and weighing over 400 pounds, Metheny was an imposing figure with a volatile temper.

In his quest to find his missing family, Metheny crossed paths with two homeless men, Randall Brewer and Randy Picker, on a bridge. 

What transpired next remains shrouded in mystery. Metheny’s girlfriend was still missing, but his encounter with the homeless men took a sinister turn. Enraged, he brutally murdered Brewer, Picker, and even a fisherman who witnessed the horrific act.

Although Metheny was briefly incarcerated for these murders, the bodies of his victims were never found, leading to his release due to a lack of evidence. This unleashed a dangerous impulse within him, driving him to commit further atrocities.

Metheny’s modus operandi involved luring prostitutes to his isolated home with promises of free drugs, only to kill them and dispose of their bodies. His reign of terror spanned between 1994 and 1996, with estimates suggesting that he may have claimed the lives of at least ten individuals during that time.

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A Disturbing Tale of Serial Killings and Cannibalism

Joseph Metheny, a notorious serial killer infamous for his heinous acts, expressed remorseless words that leave no room for redemption:

One of his victims, Cathy Ann Magaziner, met her gruesome end in July 1994. Metheny strangled her, leaving her head missing. Another victim, Toni Lynn Ingrassia, was allegedly stabbed to death, though insufficient evidence prevented his conviction for her murder.

Kimberly Lynn Spicer, a 23-year-old, also fell victim to Metheny’s brutality. However, the majority of his victims remain unidentified, their names lost to history.

What sets Metheny apart is not only the extent of his crimes but also his macabre side business. For nearly two years, he ran a barbecue stand where he served roast beef, pork, and human flesh to unsuspecting customers.

In 1996, Metheny targeted Rita Kemper, a 37-year-old sex worker. After an altercation, Kemper narrowly escaped, leading to Metheny’s arrest and eventual confession to his heinous acts.

Metheny received a 50-year sentence for the kidnapping and attempted sexual assault of Kemper. Later, he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Kimberly Lynn Spicer. However, his shocking crimes have left a lasting legacy of terror and disbelief.

August 5, 2017 witnessed the discovery of Joseph Metheny’s lifeless body within his prison cell at the Western Correctional Institution in Maryland. This incident indicates an end of a serious period inside the chronicles of criminal history. 

His story functions as a disconcerting testimony to the possibility of darkness to remain even within the most modest people, as well as the dreadful consequences that may ensue when it is let loose.

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